What Is A Cup-Filling Sealing Machine

Ⅰ, Introduction

The process of seamless packaging with accuracy and precision has now become the need of the business. A cup-filling sealing machine is an amazing asset to bring out the process of flawless packaging without any hassle.

Imagine what a disgrace it can bring to your business if your customer’s favorite ice cream, an essential skincare cream, or a vital medicine gets packed with inaccuracy?!

The fascinating world of technology remains always occupied in bringing about the best and most advanced filling solutions in the market. Cup-filling and sealing machines are also designed to reduce human effort to a minimum and carry out the function of feeding and sealing with uniformity and free of errors.

From food to pharmaceuticals, almost every industry can benefit a lot by incorporating cup filling and sealing technology in their production field. Therefore, here we will explore the world of cup-filling and sealing machines so you may have an idea why this investment is worthy of your money and time.

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Ⅱ, What is a cup-filling sealing machine?

In simpler terms, a machine that can fill, pack, and seal the cups with consistency and air-tight sealing is known as a cup-filling sealing machine. These kinds of equipment are automated with an Automated Feeding mechanism into prefabricated containers, especially cups. The material of the cups can be plastic, glass, aluminum, or paper. Nevertheless, these machines can perform the function well and in an absolute manner. Cup-filling and sealing machines are widely used in various industries such as food, beverages, dairy, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other such industries to provide an automated packaging function with a high production rate and minimum error. If you have a business of yoghurt, milk, jams, juices, creams, syrups, etc, and your filling containers are cups or jars, then this machine can bring wonders to your production rate. Apparently, it will reduce effort and error, provide precision and accuracy, and give uniformity and an air-tight seal to your products. Hence, it is high time to upgrade your industries with such advanced technology to keep successfully thriving in the field with the best results.

Ⅲ, Key elements of the machine

Cup-filling and sealing machine is a complex machine comprising several elements that work together to bring out the seamless process of filling and sealing. These machines are advanced and equipped with modern technology to provide convenience and maximum benefit to the industries. The main elements of the cup-filling and sealing machine are

● Loading hopper

It is the first element of the machine. Any type of product that is to be filled is loaded in the hopper. It has a storage capacity where the product is stored and kept safe from leaking or waste.

● Conveyor

The conveyor is the unit where the indexing of the empty containers, especially cups is done. It is specific for the cup size and shape. Arrangement of the cups occurs at this unit. From here the cup reaches the feeding unit to be filled by the desired product in an arranged manner.

● Feeding unit

The feeding unit or filling unit is the station where the desired product is filled in the cups. Different kinds of pumps or nozzles are fitted in this station to allow the smooth filling of the material according to its viscosity and nature. You can find various kinds of pumps that are used for filling the material (Choice is yours to use which one, you need).

● Sealing unit

At the sealing unit, the cups containing the products are sealed to ensure the material freshness and to avoid any kind of contamination. The machine seals the cup according to the product of the cup and the type of sealing required such as plastic sealing, foil sealing, or vacuum sealing.

● Lid placement unit

This component is mostly attached to the sealing unit or may have a separate station. It just contributes to an additional sealing mechanism for further protection if needed according to the cup material and product filled.

● Coding and labeling unit

This unit ensures to label and code of the correct information on the cup. It includes the product manufacturing date and expiry date along with other basic important information if required such as serial number or batch number etc.

● Sensors for quality control

Sensors and detector units are one of the important components of the machine. It helps to clear out any damaged products, overfilled or unfilled cups, and broken seal cups. The sensors make sure to further process all the top manufactured products to ensure precision and quality.

● PLC control system

A highly advanced PLC control system is equipped in the machine to insert all the details and necessary instructions for the function. For example, measurement of the cups, adjustment of the volume, etc. All these settings are customizable and are controlled by touchscreen panels for smooth functioning.

● Ejection end

It’s the last station of the machine from where all the prepared cups are shifted to trays, boxes, or any other kind of industry packaging to be stored in the inventory.

● Machine framing

Machine framing and structure is a crucial element to consider as it ensures the machine’s longevity and efficiency. Almost all machines are manufactured with stainless steel material and a strong base to provide a stable and sound cup-filling and sealing process.

● Safety components

Emergency safety buttons and protectors are equipped to avoid any inconvenience or unfortunate incidents and guarantee the machine operator’s safety.

rotary type cup filling and sealing machine

Ⅳ, Working on a cup filling-sealing machine

Demand for increasing packaged foods, especially dairy products has led to the evolvement of different disposable packaging to provide convenience for the customers. Hence, the requirement for cup-filling sealing machines has also been increased within the industry.

As a whole, there are mainly two types of cup-filling and sealing machines:

  • Rotary types
  • Linear types

The principle of working for both types can either be Mechanical or Pneumatic. Both are available in Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic types! Pneumatically operated cup filling and sealing machines are more in demand as they require less effort and are easy to handle. Therefore, they are the first choice of product manufacturers. The working of the cup-filling and sealing machine is divided into the following steps, where each step performs its function independently and executes the whole process of cup-filling and sealing.

Following are the steps that occur in working of a cup-filling sealing machine:

● Loading of products

The first step is the loading of the desired product in the machine hopper & then it will be filled in the containers such as containers of milk, yoghurt, ice cream, & many more.

● Arrangement of cups

The second step is the arrangement of empty cups in the machine conveyor. The cups can be of plastic, paper, glass, or aluminum.

● Filling

The filling mechanism can be done by a piston filler or a volumetric filler. Both fillers measure the precise amount of product; to be filled and start filling the cups. Manufacturers customize the volume of the product with respect to the cup size to achieve consistency and accuracy. The filling mechanism starts as soon as the cups start reaching towards the fillers through conveyors.

● Sealing

After the process of filling – the cups reach the sealing station where they are sealed with lids, plastics, or foil, as per the cup type. The sealing station ensures an air-tight seal to avoid any leaking and wastage of product.

● Labeling

It is optional, as some machines may or may not have this function but almost all the advanced machines have it. In this step, the cups are labeled with necessary information on manufacturing and expiry date and stamping of other details related to the product.

● Inspection

The inspection step makes sure that each cup is perfectly filled & sealed along with the removal of any damaged product – that may cause any inconvenience in the market or to the customer.

● Ejection

The final step is where the filled and sealed cups are ejected from the machine and are carried out for further packaging into the cartons to process the next steps of manufacturing.  You can watch here how the working of a cup-filling sealing machine takes place for a better understanding of the whole process.

Ⅴ, Benefits of a cup-filling sealing machine

Automatic cup-filling and sealing machines have enormous benefits that make them valuable in many industries. Their usage has led to many beneficial elements to the industrial sector and therefore the demand has kept on increasing.

Some of the major benefits of using automatic cup filling and sealing solutions are:

  1. The automatic filling and sealing of cups make the process quick and hassle-free.
  2. The number of cups per hour can range from 1200 to 10,000 depending upon the type of the machine.
  3. The machine is easy to use with very low maintenance and reduces a remarkable quantity of wastage.
  4. Production rate and efficiency are increased with the use of these machines.
  5. Cup-filling sealing machine saves time and effort and reduces the risk of contamination.
  6. A completely automated process reduces the chances of any invasion or mistakes in filling.
  7. Investing in automated machines results in cost-effectiveness for a longer period of time by minimizing labour and wastage.
  8. The versatility of the machine totally depends upon its type but most of the machines are capable of adjusting to different cup sizes and different cup materials.
  9. Precision, accuracy, and high-level quality control are some of the general benefits that a machine is bound to provide.

Ⅵ, Applications in industries

With all of the above benefits and the need for advancing packing and filling processes, cup-filling sealing machines have incorporated their positions in many industries. Some of their practical applications are:

& Pharmaceutical industries

In pharmaceutical industries, they are used for the precise filling and sealing of syrups, oral suspensions, and solutions.

& Food and beverages

Their use in the food and beverages industry is vast and are capable of packing several juices, sauces, desserts, soups, noodles, snacks, liquid items, and many more.

& Cosmetic industry

Accurate and precise filling and sealing of creams, lotions, skincare solutions, and much more in the cosmetic industry are done by cup-filling sealing machines.

& Dairy industry

Packaging of milk, yogurt, fruit desserts, ice creams, cheese, and other dairy products is all easily carried out by cup filling and sealing technology.

Ⅶ, Importance of cup filling and sealing machines

The changing dynamics of the food and dairy industry and the demand for increasing disposable packaging has led to the necessity of automatic cup-filling sealing machines. In today’s busy world, people look for more convenient options in the market for their healthy food requirements which has simultaneously made the industries revolutionize their equipment with modern methods and techniques. Hence, the importance of cup-filling and sealing machines cannot be denied as it is the demand of the customers and ultimately the industries.

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Ⅸ, Conclusion

The evolvement of consumer preferences and requirements has always resulted in the production and use of advanced technology to meet the market demand. Hence, the cup-filling sealing machine is one of the valuable assets that brings splendid innovation to the packaging industry. One cannot ignore the role of these kinds of equipment with the industries advancing and consumer requirements evolving. Therefore, to make your packaging accurate and highly precise and increase the efficiency of production rate the use of the cup-filling sealing machine is evident.

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