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Various model tube lableing machine for your project.
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  • tube labeling machine (1)
  • tube labeling machine (2)
  • tube labeling machine (3)
  • tube with labels (2)
  • tube with labels (3)
  • tube with labels (1)

Tube Labeling Machine

  • Ease of use: A good tube labeler should be easy to operate, even for someone with no experience or training.
  • Versatile: It should be able to mark a variety of tube sizes and shapes, including round, oval, and flat tubes.
  • Accuracy: The machine should be able to accurately place text and graphics on the label to ensure legibility and reduce errors.
  • Speed: The high-speed tube labeling machine can label large quantities of tubes quickly and efficiently, increasing production efficiency.
  • Durability: This machine should be made from high-quality materials that can withstand frequent use and be easy to maintain.
labeling head

Labeling Head

The labeling head is the part responsible for applying the label to the tube. It typically consists of a precisely contoured roller that applies labels to tubes at precise times and speeds. The labeling head usually has adjustable height and angle to accommodate different types and sizes of tubes.

Customized Labeling Belt

The conveyor belt is the equipment used to transport the tube to the location of the labeling head. Conveyor belts usually consist of a belt and contoured wheels to ensure that the tube remains in place while being conveyed. The conveyor belt can also be adjusted as needed to accommodate different types and sizes of pipes.

Some tube labeling machines are also equipped with special conveyor belts and labeling head combinations to handle special types and shapes of tubes, such as shaped and conical tubes. These components use advanced sensing technology to ensure the stability and accuracy of the tube during transportation and labeling.

belt for tube labeling machine
tube loading plate

Tube Loading Plate

In order to meet high-speed labeling and achieve a fully automatic working. There is a tube loading plate at the front of the conveyor belt. It could load many tubes at the same time. When the labeling machine work, the plate will separate tubes one by one and will put them on a customized labeling belt. So that it not need to put tubes on the belt by hand.

Machine size 2000*800*1600mm
Speed 60-150 per minute
Lebel height 15-200ml
Label length 25-300ml
Labeling accuracy 1%
Voltage 220V/110V 50-60HZ
Net weight 180kg
Tubes (2)

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Our Tube Labeling Machine

Looking for a reliable and efficient solution for labeling your tubes? A tube labeling machine can streamline your labeling process, increasing efficiency and accuracy while reducing labor costs. With customizable labeling heads and adjustable conveyor belts, tube labeling machines can handle a variety of tube sizes and label types. Trust in the quality and precision of a tube labeling machine to enhance your product packaging and increase productivity.

What types of labels can be applied using a tube labeling machine?

Tube labeling machines can apply a variety of labels, including self-adhesive labels, wrap-around labels, and front-and-back labels. The specific type of label that can be applied will depend on the machine’s capabilities.

How is the labeling accuracy of a tube labeling machine ensured?

Tube labeling machines typically use sensors or cameras to detect the position of the tube and the label, ensuring that the label is applied accurately and consistently. The machine may also be equipped with an alignment system to ensure that the label is applied straight and in the correct position.

Can a tube labeling machine be integrated with other packaging equipment?

Yes, tube labeling machines can be integrated with other packaging equipment, such as tube filling machines and cartons, to create a complete packaging line. Integration may require additional customization and programming to ensure that the machines work together smoothly.

How dose tube labeling machine ensure labeling accuracy?

Tube labeling machines typically employ high-precision sensors to detect the position of the tube, while precise positioning systems are used to ensure precise label placement. Specifically, sensors detect the position and orientation of the tube as it passes through the conveyor belt and send this information to the labeling head. The label head uses this information to determine the position and orientation of the label, ensuring that the label fits precisely in the correct position and orientation. In addition, the tube labeling machine can also use an automatic calibration system to adjust the position and angle of the label head to ensure the label fitting accuracy. The combination of all these features ensures a precise fit of the label on the tube.

What voltage of machine needed?

The voltage requirements of the tube labeling machine will vary with different models and specifications. Generally speaking, the voltage requirement of the tube labeling machine is usually AC 220V or AC 110V, and some models may require a DC power supply or other special power supply.

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