The Ultimate FAQs About Labeling Machines

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The Ultimate FAQs about Labeling Machines

Automatic Labelling Machines are extremely useful to packaging companies. They play a crucial role in industries like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and many others, where precise and efficient labeling is vital for compliance, safety, and marketing purposes. Modern label-making machines can handle a range of diverse label materials, including paper, plastic, or foil, creating designs in different label sizes. This flexibility allows ALMs to cater to various business needs across different industries.
If you are interested in labeling machines, start with this useful guide!

Labelling Machines: What Are They?

An Automatic Labelling Machine (ALM) is a sophisticated piece of equipment that plays a vital role in various industries by affixing labels onto products. These labels are essential as they display crucial data about the items, such as product information, barcodes, expiration dates, or branding elements.
Modern ALMs operate using computer-aided design (CAD) software, which controls the machine’s precise movements. This technology ensures accurate label placement on products, eliminating human errors and enhancing brand reputation through consistent label application.
ALMs consist of an applicator and a dispenser. The applicator is responsible for sticking the labels onto the products, while the dispenser houses the label roll, feeding the machine with labels to be applied.
One of the significant advantages of ALMs is their high speed and efficiency. Some units can handle an impressive volume of up to 1,200 labels per minute, boosting overall productivity in manufacturing and packaging processes.

Different Labelling Machines In a Nutshell

There are several different types of label printers or labeling machines on the market, suited to different applications and requirements. Labeling machines may include:
●Bottle Labelling Machines: Bottle labeling machines are special machines used in different industries to put labels on bottles. They can stick labels on the front, back, or all around the surface of the bottle, no matter what shape or size the bottle is. You’ll find them in the beverage, medicine, cosmetic, and food industries to make sure their products are labeled correctly and follow the rules.

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●Double-Side Sticker Labelling Machines: Double-side sticker labeling machines are advanced machines that can put stickers or labels on both sides of a product at the same time, like flat containers, boxes, or bottles that need labels on both sides for advertising or giving information. The machines are very precise and make sure the labels are applied correctly on both sides of the product.

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●Automatic Sticker Labeling Machines: Automatic sticker labeling machines are very efficient and versatile machines that need little help from humans. They can automatically stick labels on different products like bottles, jars, boxes, or bags without needing someone to do it manually.

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●Box Labelling Machines: Box labeling machines put labels on product boxes. They are used in industries like medicine, cosmetics, electronics, and food packaging, where boxes need labels for identifying, tracking, or branding the products.

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●Jar Labelling Machines: Jar labeling machines are special machines used to put labels on jars and round containers of different sizes and materials. They are commonly used in the food industry for things like jams, sauces, spices, and other condiments. These machines can carefully put labels on the curved surface of jars, making the products look nice and professional.

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●Bag Labelling Machines: Bag labeling machines put labels on bags. They are used in industries like food, medicine, and retail. These machines can handle different bag materials, like paper, plastic, or foil, and make sure the labels are put on precisely, even if the bags have odd shapes.

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●Tube Labelling Machines: Tube labeling machines are special machines used to put labels on round tubes. They are often used in industries like cosmetics, medicine, and personal care. These machines wrap labels around tubes accurately and neatly, making sure the product information and branding are well-displayed.

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How Do Labelling Machines Operate?

Each labeling machine is different, but they follow the same general operational workflow:
1. Inserting Labels: Labels are placed onto a roll, which is then inserted into the labeling machine. Proper alignment of the roll is essential to ensure the smooth peeling of labels during the labeling process.
2. Setting Parameters: Machine parameters are configured, including speed and label size. The speed setting determines how quickly the machine dispenses labels and label size parameters are adjusted to accommodate various label dimensions for different products.
3. Label Dispensing: Once the parameters are set, the machine starts to dispense the loaded labels. It removes the labels from the paper, which is collected in a waste bin. The machine can dispense the labels in a fraction of a second.
4. Product Labelling: Products move along a conveyancing belt, and the machine applies the labels onto each product. Proper alignment and settings ensure consistent label placement on every product.
5. Quality Check: After the products are labeled, each product undergoes inspection using optical sensors. Sensors make sure that the label is correctly positioned. If any label is misplaced or defective, the machine will halt, and an operator fixes the issue. The sensors boast high accuracy rates, minimizing the occurrence of faulty labels.
6. Output: The labeled products exit the machine and continue along a conveyancing belt. Depending on the specific application, the products might be directed into boxes/pallets. The labeling machine’s high efficiency allows it to label tens of thousands of products.

How Do I Choose the Best Labelling Machine For My Business?

Not sure which labeling machine is right for your business? Here’s what to consider:
●Product Type: Make sure you know what products you want to label. For example, if you use jars, a wrap-around machine is ideal, but if you need to wrap square boxes, you’ll need corner wrap systems. Smaller businesses that don’t deal in large volumes can use semi-automatic machines, while industrial-grade machines need bigger volumes.
●Label Size and Type: The label size determines the precision and robustness required from the machine. Ensure the machine supports the type of labels (paper or vinyl) used in the production process. You also need to consider the available space for the machine, as the size varies from benchtop to full-size models.
●Volume: Production volume plays a crucial role in machine selection. Low volumes may suffice with manual or semi-automatic machines, while higher volumes necessitate fully automatic machines.
●Budget and Space Restrictions: Sometimes, your budget is the biggest restriction. While there is an extensive range of labeling machines on the market, costs can vary from $1,000 to $200,000 depending on the machine’s capabilities.
●Speed Requirements: Choose your speed according to your unique manufacturing requirements. Automatic machines with conveyancing systems increase speed and efficiency.
●Support & Maintenance: Look for suppliers that offer support services and warranties, ensuring proper maintenance and assistance when needed. Make sure that training is available for your staff.
●Safety & Quality Standards: Choose machines that comply with safety norms like ISO 13849, CE certification, and safety features like emergency stop buttons and shields. You should also look for machines with ISO 9001 certification and other quality marks to ensure consistent performance and high standards. Look for machines with a good warranty covering parts and labor for at least a year, reflecting the manufacturer’s confidence in their product.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Labelling Machine?

Investing in a labeling machine for your business offers many benefits that enhance productivity, efficiency, and overall operations. With an automatic labeling machine, you can streamline the labeling process, significantly reducing manual labor and human errors. The machine’s high-speed capabilities ensure faster production rates, allowing you to label a substantial number of products in a shorter time frame. Precise label placement guarantees a professional and consistent appearance for your products, boosting the brand image and customer confidence. By automating the labeling process, you can optimize resource allocation, saving time and costs.

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Buying a labeling machine can transform productivity at your company. If you are interested in buying a labeling machine of your own, reach out to our sales department. We’ll gladly answer your queries and help you find the best label maker for your business.


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