square bottle labeling machine
10 Years Experience For Square Bottle Labeling Machine

Square Bottle Labeling Machine


This square bottle labeling machine is suitable for different sizes of adhesive labels or on all kinds of square bottles and flat surface containers to self-adhesive labeling, High accuracy, and high speed. It is used in PET bottles, Plastic bottles, Glass bottles, and Metal bottles. Widely used in cosmetics, Beverage, Foodstuff, Food, and Medical industries. Rapidly raise production efficiency and label quality.

Biggest Features

  • Powerful, can be used for various parts of the plane, arc surface, concave plane of the labeling, can be used for irregular workpiece labeling;
  • Accurate labeling, high stability, adopting PLC+subdivision step motor drive send, send standard indeed; discharge mechanism is equipped with brake function to ensure the standard belt is tightened, to ensure the precision of the label detection; marked with a bypass correcting mechanism, prevent migration labels around;
  • Durable, circuit and gas circuit separately arranged, gas path configuration purification device, to avoid the air moisture damage to electrical appliances, extend the life of equipment; the whole machine adopts advanced aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials, solid quality;
  • Convenient adjustment, height adjustable stroke configuration function, the different heights of product labeling, without repeated replacement tool;
  • The beautiful appearance, the use of the end of the computer white box, with stainless steel and advanced aluminum alloy, beautiful and generous, to enhance the level of equipment;
  • With manual/automatic labeling control mode, workers can according to need, choose to use a sensor or foot to realize the labeling of control; automatic and manual control button setting, mark the length of can be arbitrary regulation.
More Details

Labeling Accuracy: ±1mm
Efficiency: 40-60pcs/min(Depend on bottle size )
Outer Core Diameter: 300mm
Inner Core Diameter: 75mm
Bottle Size: Diameter 10-150mm
Label Width: 10-15mm
Label Length: 10-120mm
Power: 220V 50HZ
Motor Power: 200w
Overall Dimension: 300*200*400mm
Weight: 20kg

What is features of square bottle labeling machine?

The square labeling machine is professional for square bottle labeling. It could do from and back side labeling, it has the manual and automatic model. It’s easy to adjust it.

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