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0.1-10g Small Powder Filling Machine

Small powder filling machine


The operation of a small powder-filling machine is simple, and the user can easily master the operation skills and get to work quickly. Plus, it’s affordable enough for small businesses or personal use. Most importantly, the filling accuracy of this equipment is very high, which can achieve high precision and ensure product quality and stability. In short, this small filling machine is very suitable for small manufacturing plants or individuals with limited space and cost, providing them with efficient and accurate filling solutions, improving their production efficiency and product quality.

The Vital Features Of Small Powder Filling Machine

  • Small size
  • High filling precision, could fill 0.1g
  • In stock, ready to ship.


More Details

Filling volume: 0.1-10g

Filling precision: 0.1g

What is the minimum filling volume of this small powder filling machine?

The minimum filling volume of this small powder filling machine usually depends on the viscosity of the product and the filling equipment used. Generally speaking, this equipment can pack powdered products weighing from 0.5 grams to tens of grams.

Is the equipment easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, this small powder-filling machine is made of high-quality stainless steel. Users can clean equipment with simple cleaning procedures to ensure hygiene and product stability.

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