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XYZ Semi Automatic Bottle Capping Machine

XYZ Semi Automatic Bottle Capping Machine



XYZ Semi Automatic Bottle Capping Machine series caps capping machine is mainly suitable for capping plastic bottle caps. The machine is small and the structure is compact. Easy to operate. The capping speed and directly can be adjusted directly on the machine. The capping head can be customized based on your cap size.


1, It’s suitable for capping different sizes, shape shapes;
2, Adopt high quality copper motor, start fast, electric is small;
3, Jogging capping, operated by manual, easy to control;
4, The structure is beautiful, it’s comfortable to grip, and can work long time.
5, Structure is compact and easy to bring.
6, The alloy gear torque has high precision high stability, and long service life.
7, Whale vent design, fast cooling, low-temperature rise, ensuring continuous operation
8, Overload protection, internal double insulation, safe and reliable.

The Features Of The XYZ Semi Automatic Bottle Capping Machine:

& Capping heads

semi automatic capping machine

& Control panel

semi automatic capping machine

& Adjust handle

semi automatic capping machine

& Air cleaning device

semi automatic capping machine

More Details
Items X-XG-6100
Capping range 1-50mm
Can be suitable for bottles High: 50-400mm
Diameter: 20-100mm
Capping speed 30-40 bottles/min
Pressure 0.4-0.6mpa
Voltage 220V,50HZ
Weight About 30kg
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