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Here have pouch sealing machine, box sealing machine, foil sealing machine, and others type of sealing machine. Please pick up any one for yourself.

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Application Of Sealing Mmachine

XYZ MACHINERY sealing machine has high quality and speed. The machine structure is simple and easy to operate. It’s mainly used for these goods:

  • Formed pouch sealing
  • Carton boxes sealing
  • Foil sealing
  • Cup sealing


What Is Role Of Sealing Machine In Automatic Filling Line

The sealing machine is not as commonly used as the filling machine, but it plays an important role in the entire production line.  It’s widely needed in some small productions, which mean some sealing machine have economy price. Of course, there are also some complex sealing machines, that could be customized and could do private custom for you. If you have any sealing requirements for pouches, cups, bottles, and others, please feel free to contact us.

Main Products Of Sealing Machine

These are some sealing machine catalogs, please find suitable machines for your project.

  • Pouch sealing machine

    It could work with all sizes of formed pouches and shaped pouches.



  • cup sealing machine

    The small cup is a popular package in the market. Especially for coffee capsule sealing, this kind of machine is professional and economical.


  • Carton box sealing machine

    Box sealing machines usually is used at the end of the automatic filling line. It’s for packaging filled bottles into carton boxes.


  • Foil sealing machine

    Induction foil sealing machine, it’s usually used with an automatic filling line. After capping, the induction foil sealing machine will do foil sealing to anti-leaking.


Four Distinguishing Features Of Sealing Machine

Ready To Ship

Quick shipping time.

Easy To Operate

Simple and Humanized operation interface.

Low price
Economy Price

1 set sealing machine=10 pcs hamburger

High quality
High Quality

Could keep a long time working

What Material Could Be Sealed

As for sealing material, the Induction foil sealing machine is for working aluminum foil, and Other sealing machines are for plastic foil. Usually, All Composite films could be worked by sealing machine, Such as PET films, PVC films, and others. For some special films, such as PE single-layer films, it needs to customize machine and use special sealing way.

Sealing material

Do You Know Sealing Principle?

Induction sealing machine: Induction heating by an electromagnetic field, using high-frequency electric current to generate a magnetic field. When a high-frequency magnetic field passes through the aluminum sealing gasket, the aluminum foil gasket will heat up and generate heat. The high temperature will melt the aluminum foil and stick it to the mouth of the bottle.

Plastic bag sealing machine: There is a heating device on the sealing machine, which will heat the sealing bar on the machine. When pouches pass the sealing bar, there are two wheels that will press pouches under high temperatures, So that pouches will be sealed.

Normalized Production Of Sealing Machine

Sealing machine
Sealing machine

As the sealing machine does not require complicated technology, it is easy to operate, economical, and affordable, The sealing machine is widely favored by machinery traders. Our factory has realized the normal production of sealing machines. Order anytime, ship anytime. Welcome professional machinery traders and customers in need to order.

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Sealing Machine Solution Provider

Giving us a chance, return you a perfect solution for the sealing machine.

Machine Shows

More Details For Sealing Machine

What sealing machine do we have?
  • Plastic bag sealing machine
  • Hand manual sealing machine
  • Cups sealing machine
  • Pouches sealing machine
  • Aluminum foil sealing machine
  • Induction sealing machine
  • Carton box sealing machine
Which Spare Parts On Sealing Machine Are Important?
  • Sealing gear
  • Pressing wheels
  • Sealing belt
  • Heating bar
  • Induction sealing heads
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