Powder filling

Powder Filling Machine

Normal powder also needs careful filling!

  • spice
  • flour
  • coffee powder
  • milk powder
  • detergent powder
  • spice
  • flour
  • coffee powder
  • milk powder
  • detergent powder

Different Kind Powder

We pick up 6 kinds of normal powder in our life, and for these powders, we have rich experience and finished many case.

  • Spice filling
  • Coffee powder filling
  • Milk powder filling
  • Flour filling
  • Detergent powder filling

Feature Of Powder Filling Machine

Our powder-filling machine is suitable for filling powders such as pesticides, veterinary drugs, premixes, additives, milk powder, starch, condiments, enzyme preparations, and feed. The machine adopts stepper/servo motor and electronic weighing technology, accurate filling, economical and practical, spiral cutting, and light control technology.

The same machine is adjusted in the range of 2-5000g. The powder filling machine can automatically track according to the weight change of the material and the correction of the material level error.

The photoelectric switch controls the unloading system, No bags not filling, and the matching powder feeder can also automatically load according to the actual situation.

Products Gallery

Spice filling machine

Usage: Spice filling

Container: Plastic bottles

Flour filling mahcine

Usage: Flour filling

Container: Bgas

Milk powder filling machine
Milk powder filling machine

Usage: Milk powder filling

Container: cans

coffee powder filling machine
Coffee powder filling machine

Usage: Coffee powder filling

Container: Pouches

small powder filling machine

Usage: Small volume powder filling

Feature: High-filling precision

detergent powder filling machine

Usage: Different type powder filing, automatic model.

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Rich Variety

Automatic model, semi-automatic and manual model provided

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Colud cooperates with different packaging and powder grinding machine.

Our Contribution To The Powder Filling Machine

Factory (1)
Factory (2)

Our technical team spent a long time developing a complete powder production system. After accumulating a large number of customer cases, we have mastered the production research and development technology from powder grinding, dry mixing, filling, and packaging equipment, and produced many mature equipments.

Regarding powder production, you can tell us any requirements, we will discuss the plan and draw machine drawings to give you a satisfactory plan so that you can experience our strong production capacity.

Important Related Products

Powder grinding machine
Powder Grinding Machine

A powder grinding machine could grind powder from granules. It’s a vital device before the powder-filling machine. It could grind different size powders.

Powder mixer
Powder Dry Machine

Some powders include Moisture that is not easy be filled. It needs to use a dryer to dry the moisture in the powder.

Powder dryer
Powder Mixer

When you would like to fill multi-kind powder and would like to mix it evenly, you could use a professional mixer to mix different powders together.

machine (2)
Specialist In Powder Filling Machines For More Than 10 Years

10 years of hard work and research are only to produce a device that satisfies you.

Other Pic Of Powder Filling Machine

Classification of Powder Filling Machines

When it comes to selecting a powder-filling machine, the abundance of choices can feel overwhelming. However, familiarizing yourself with the various types makes it easy to find the right option. Whether you need to fill coffee capsules, milk powder, flour, or spices, there’s a specific machine tailored to your needs. Let’s check out the types of powder-filling machines and how they work.

How Filling Works

Powder-filling machines work in different ways, depending on what they’re used for. Here are some common ones:

  • Volumetric filling: This fills containers with a set amount of powder each time.
  • Gravimetric filling: It measures the weight of the powder to make sure it’s accurate.
  • Auger filling: This uses a rotating screw to put the powder into containers.
  • Vacuum filling: It sucks out air from containers before filling them, so the powder doesn’t clump together.

Level of Automation

Powder-filling machines vary in their level of automation, from manual to fully automatic powder-filling machine systems.

Manual Powder Filling Machines

Manual powder-filling machines need people to fill every part of the containers. They’re cheap and easy to use, but they’re best for making small amounts of stuff and might not be as fast as machines that work by themselves. But small powder-filling machines are great for businesses that have little room or make only small-sized products. They’re efficient and still do a good job.

Semi-Automatic Powder Filling Machines

Semi-automatic powder filling machines are a mix of manual and automatic. Operators load containers and start the filling, but the machine does the powder part. They’re great for smaller to medium production runs, being both efficient and cost-effective.

Automatic Powder Filling Capping Labeling Line

Automatic powder filling capping labeling lines are machines that do everything to pack stuff into bottles. They fill, put caps on, and stick labels on bottles all by themselves. These machines work fast and don’t need much help from people. They’re perfect for making lots of things quickly. They also make sure each bottle gets the right label before it’s sent out.

Automatic Powder Bottle Filling Machines

An automatic powder bottle-filling machine is a specialized packaging equipment engineered to fill rigid containers like glass bottles and plastic jars with powdered substances, requiring minimal human intervention. Ideal for high-volume production scenarios, where precision and consistency are crucial, these machines substantially enhance efficiency and diminish labor costs. But it’s more complicated and expensive than machines you operate by hand. You need to take care of it regularly to keep it working well.

Filling Machine Design

Powder-filling machines have various designs for different production requirements and packaging formats.

Single Head Powder Filling Machine

Single-head powder-filling machines are compact units equipped with a single-filling nozzle. They allow for accurate, efficient filling. They’re often well-suited for small-scale production or laboratory applications with limited space.

Double Head Powder Filling Machine

Double-head powder filling machines feature two filling nozzles. It allows for increased output compared to single-head machines. These machines are ideal for medium-sized production runs and offer faster filling speeds.

Vacuum Powder Filling Machines

The vacuum filling machine is a smart way to pack powder because it saves energy and time. It works by using vacuum power to put powder into containers. Unlike other machines, it doesn’t need spinning screws or shakers. These machines are great for handling delicate powders. They keep them safe from clumping or breaking when they’re being filled, and they also stop too much dust from floating around. Using a special vacuum pump, these machines suck powder from a container into a funnel. Then, the powder flows gently through tiny holes into the containers. Sensors make sure the right amount goes in. The nozzles on these machines do a good job of filling bottles or jars just right.

Net Weight Filling Machine

Net weight filling machines measure the weight of the powder in each container, ensuring the powder is just right. Industries like pharmaceuticals or food manufacturing use them many times because they want their products to be consistent.

Auger Filling Machine

Auger powder filler uses a rotating screw (auger) to dispense powdered products into containers. This method can do many different things because operators can change how fast and which way the auger spins to fit different powders.

Inline Powder Filling Machines

A linear powder filling machine is a packaging machine for bulk powder. It fills containers like bottles or jars in a straight line. “Linear” means the filling stations line up in one row. This setup lets containers move in a straight line through each filling stage.

Rotary Powder Filling Machines

Rotary powder filling machines feature multiple filling heads arranged in a rotary configuration, allowing for the simultaneous filling of various containers. These high-speed machines are suitable for large-scale production runs and offer excellent efficiency and throughput.

Multiple-head Powder Filling Machines

A multiple-head powder filling machine is equipment for bottling bulk powder. It fills several containers with powdered material simultaneously. Industries that require fast and efficient powder filling often use these machines. “Multiple-head” means they have many filling heads or nozzles that combine many containers.

Vertical Form Fill Sealing Machine (VFFS)

This type of packaging machine fills and packages dry or granular powders into pouches or bags. It’s particularly effective for loose and free-flowing powders. Vertical form fill and seal machines use volumetric filling to package powders into partially formed bags. These bags come in various shapes, like standup pouches, gusset pouches, 3-side pouches, or pillow pouches. At the bottom of the machine, feed or unwind rollers help unwind the film material and maintain tension. The film is then shaped into bags, forming tubes, and sealed at the sides and bottom. Operators load the powders into these partially formed pouches. Once operators fill the bags to the required amount, they seal and cut the top of the bags.

Finding the Perfect Powder-Filling Solution

The ideal powder filling solution offers precision, efficiency, and versatility, crucial for industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to food processing. It ensures consistent product quality while optimizing the packaging workflow, thus maximizing productivity and reducing waste. Understanding the various classifications of powder-filling machines empowers you to make well-informed decisions tailored to the specific needs of your business. If you’re looking for more information, contact the trusted experts at XYZ Machinery. With over a dozen years of experience, we’re ready to help you select the perfect machine to enhance your operational efficiency.

What size powder could be filled?

Usually, the powder could be filled. For some thin powders, such as toner. It needs to add a special device on filling nozzles.

What container could be filled?

Bottles cans and pouches all could be filled by a powder filling machine.

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