Powder filling

Powder Filling Machine

Normal powder also needs careful filling!

  • spice
  • flour
  • coffee powder
  • milk powder
  • detergent powder
  • spice
  • flour
  • coffee powder
  • milk powder
  • detergent powder

Different Kind Powder

We pick up 6 kinds of normal powder in our life, and for these powders, we have rich experience and finished many case.

  • Spice filling
  • Coffee powder filling
  • Milk powder filling
  • Flour filling
  • Detergent powder filling

Feature Of Powder Filling Machine

Our powder-filling machine is suitable for filling powders such as pesticides, veterinary drugs, premixes, additives, milk powder, starch, condiments, enzyme preparations, and feed. The machine adopts stepper/servo motor and electronic weighing technology, accurate filling, economical and practical, spiral cutting, and light control technology.

The same machine is adjusted in the range of 2-5000g. The powder filling machine can automatically track according to the weight change of the material and the correction of the material level error.

The photoelectric switch controls the unloading system, No bags not filling, and the matching powder feeder can also automatically load according to the actual situation.

Products Gallery

Spice filling machine

Usage: Spice filling

Container: Plastic bottles

Flour filling mahcine

Usage: Flour filling

Container: Bgas

Milk powder filling machine
Milk powder filling machine

Usage: Milk powder filling

Container: cans

coffee powder filling machine
Coffee powder filling machine

Usage: Coffee powder filling

Container: Pouches

small powder filling machine

Usage: Small volume powder filling

Feature: High-filling precision

detergent powder filling machine

Usage: Different type powder filing, automatic model.

6 Products Found.

Product Feature Box

Machine (1)
Short Production Cycle

Ready to ship

Machine (2)
Low Procurement Cost

Good price for each model

Machine (3)
Rich Variety

Automatic model, semi-automatic and manual model provided

Machine (4)
Easy To Match

Colud cooperates with different packaging and powder grinding machine.

Our Contribution To The Powder Filling Machine

Factory (1)
Factory (2)

Our technical team spent a long time developing a complete powder production system. After accumulating a large number of customer cases, we have mastered the production research and development technology from powder grinding, dry mixing, filling, and packaging equipment, and produced many mature equipments.

Regarding powder production, you can tell us any requirements, we will discuss the plan and draw machine drawings to give you a satisfactory plan so that you can experience our strong production capacity.

Important Related Products

Powder grinding machine
Powder Grinding Machine

A powder grinding machine could grind powder from granules. It’s a vital device before the powder-filling machine. It could grind different size powders.

Powder mixer
Powder Dry Machine

Some powders include Moisture that is not easy be filled. It needs to use a dryer to dry the moisture in the powder.

Powder dryer
Powder Mixer

When you would like to fill multi-kind powder and would like to mix it evenly, you could use a professional mixer to mix different powders together.

machine (2)
Specialist In Powder Filling Machines For More Than 10 Years

10 years of hard work and research are only to produce a device that satisfies you.

Other Pic Of Powder Filling Machine

FAQ For Powder Filling Machine

What size powder could be filled?

Usually, the powder could be filled. For some thin powders, such as toner. It needs to add a special device on filling nozzles.

What container could be filled?

Bottles cans and pouches all could be filled by a powder filling machine.

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