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  • pouch labeling machine (1)
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Pouch Labeling Machine

The pouch labeling machine is professional for pouches labeling, here are our pouch labeling machine features.

  • Full automatic could automatically be feeding pouches
  • Suitable for working with different shapes and material pouches
  • Easy to operate and adjust for different pouches
  • Low cost
labeling head

Labeling Head

The pouch labeling machine has a fast and accurate labeling head. It could label different sizes and labels on different pouches.

Pouches Feeding Blet

A pouch feeding belt is an important device on a pouch labeling machine, it could automatically separate each pouch. So that they could be sent to labeling heads one by one.

Pouch feeding belt
adjustment system

Height Adjustment System

The Pouch labeling machine could work for different lengths and heights of pouches. It does not need to change the new machine. On the machine, there is a size adjustment system that could be manually adjusted. Very convenient.

Speed 60-150pcs/Min
The suitable diameter of bottles ≤180mm
Label height 15-200mm
Label length 25-300mm
Charge DC24V/20A
Inner diameter for labels roll 76mm
Outer diameter for labels roll 350mm
labeling head

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What Is Pouch Labeling Machine

The pouch labeling machine is a type of labeling machine that is designed to apply labels to pouches or bags. Pouch labeling machines are commonly used in the food and beverage industry, as well as in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other industries that require flexible packaging.

The working principle of a pouch labeling machine is similar to that of other labeling machines. The machine consists of a conveyor system that moves the pouches through the labeling station. A label dispensing system dispenses labels onto the pouches as they pass through the station. The label is then pressed onto the pouch by a pressure roller or a similar mechanism, ensuring that the label adheres properly to the pouch.

Pouch labeling machines are typically designed to handle different types of labels, including paper, plastic, or foil labels, as well as clear or opaque labels. The machines can also handle various pouch sizes and shapes, from small sachets to larger stand-up pouches.

One important feature of a pouch labeling machine is the accuracy of the label placement. The machine should be able to place the label on the pouch with precision and consistency, ensuring that the label is aligned correctly and looks professional. Additionally, some pouch labeling machines can print variable data such as batch numbers, expiry dates, and barcodes directly onto the label before applying it to the pouch.

What kind pouches could be worked by pouch labeling machine?

Pouch labeling machines are designed to work with a wide range of pouches, including:

  • Stand-up pouches: These pouches have a flat bottom and stand upright on their own. They are commonly used for packaging snacks, pet food, and other products.
  • Flat pouches: These pouches are flat and do not have a gusset. They are often used for packaging powders, granules, and other dry products.
  • Side-gusseted pouches: These pouches have gussets on both sides, which allows them to expand and accommodate larger volumes. They are commonly used for packaging coffee, tea, and other food products.
  • Three-side seal pouches: These pouches are sealed on three sides and have one open side for filling. They are often used for packaging liquids, gels, and other products that require a tight seal.
  • Zipper pouches: These pouches have a resealable zipper, which allows the user to open and close the pouch multiple times. They are commonly used for packaging snacks, nuts, and other food products.

Pouch labeling machines can handle a variety of pouch sizes and shapes, as long as the pouches are compatible with the machine’s labeling and filling specifications. Some pouch labeling machines are also designed to work with different types of labels, such as paper, plastic, or foil labels.

How dose pouch labeling machine achieve automatic feeding pouches and labeling them?

Pouch labeling machines achieve automatic feeding of pouches and labeling them through the following process:

Pouch feeding: The pouches are loaded into a feeding hopper or a magazine at the beginning of the machine. The pouches are then separated and fed onto a conveyor belt, which moves the pouches through the machine.

Label dispensing: A label roll is loaded into the machine and fed through a label dispenser. The label dispenser is designed to dispense individual labels one by one as the pouches pass through the labeling station.

Label application: As the pouches move through the labeling station, the label dispenser applies the label onto the front, back, or side of the pouch, depending on the design of the machine. The label is applied with precision and accuracy using various mechanisms such as pressure rollers or vacuum belts.

Inspection and rejection: After the labels have been applied, the pouches are inspected for any labeling errors or defects using sensors or cameras. Any pouches with errors or defects are rejected and removed from the production line.

Pouch exit: The labeled pouches are then discharged onto a conveyor belt, where they can be collected for further processing or packaging.

In summary, the automatic feeding and labeling process of pouch labeling machines involves feeding the pouches into the machine, dispensing the label from a roll, applying the label to the pouch using various mechanisms, inspecting the labeled pouches for any errors, and finally discharging the labeled pouches for further processing or packaging. The machines are designed to work continuously, making them ideal for high-volume production lines that require fast and efficient labeling.

Different size pouches could be worked by one set machine?

Yes, many pouch labeling machines are designed to work with a wide range of pouch sizes, shapes, and materials. This flexibility is achieved through adjustable guides, belts, and other components that can be easily repositioned or replaced to accommodate different pouch sizes.

Some pouch labeling machines also use sensors and other technologies to automatically detect and adjust to different pouch sizes. These machines can recognize the dimensions of the incoming pouches and adjust the conveyor speed, label size, and other settings accordingly to ensure that the label is applied accurately and precisely.

However, it’s important to note that there are limits to the range of pouch sizes that a single machine can handle. For example, a machine designed for small sachets may not be able to accommodate larger stand-up pouches or bags. Therefore, it’s important to choose a pouch labeling machine that is appropriate for the specific size and type of pouches you will be labeling.

Can a pouch labeling machine be integrated with other packaging equipment?

Many pouch labeling machines can be integrated with other packaging equipment, such as filling machines, capping machines, and more. This integration allows for a seamless packaging process and can improve efficiency and productivity.

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