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  • mask
  • chips
  • ice cubes
  • detergent powder
  • coffee
  • ketchup
  • stand up pouches
  • sala
  • mask
  • chips
  • ice cubes
  • detergent powder
  • coffee
  • ketchup
  • stand up pouches
  • sala

Popular Products For Packing Machine

Products for packing machines could be found everywhere in our life. That means the packing machine is a vital role in our life. Here are some major products, Would you like to know how dose they are packed by our packing machine?

  • Mask
  • Chips
  • Sauce
  • Ice cube
  • Detergent powder
  • Standard up pouches
  • Coffee
  • Ketchup

Do You Know How dose Packing Machine Working?

The packing machine could pack any products into bags, pouches, and boxes. The bag packing machine could finish bag forming, bag sealing, material filling, and cutting. All works are automatic. About pouches, it’s usually formed, which only need one packing machine to fill material into pouches and seal it. As for the carton box packing machine, it could open the box and pack goods into the box.

A packing machine is related to many customizations, such as bag shape, size, and volume. We could do all these customizations.

Hot Sale Products

These are some hot sales packing machines in our factory, Please view them and pick up one for yourself.

pouch packing machine

Usage: granule, liquid, and powder material pouches packing;

Packing volume: Customized

Cartoning machine

Usage: Loading goods into carton box

Packing speed: 100-150 boxes per minute.

detergent powder packing machine

Usage: Detergent powder

Packing volume: 1-5kg

Sauce packing machine

Usage: Different sauce packing

Packing volume: 1-5kg

Ice cubes packing machine

Usage: Ice Cubes Packing

Packing volume: 1-5kg

Flow packing machine

Usage: Mask, Bread, Biscuit, etc.

Packing speed: 70-80 bags per minute

6 Products Found.

Main Bags Packing Shape

Back side sealing bags
Back Side Sealing Bags

Usage: Food packing

Three side sealing bags
Three Side Sealing Bags

Usage: cream packing, coffee powder packing

Four side sealing bags
Four Side Bags Packing

Usage: Ketchup, sauce

Gusseted bags
Gusseted Bags Packing

Usage: coffee bean packing

Metering Device-Auger Screw

Auger Screw is the main for the powder packing machine. It runs powder by screw rotary. Auger screws have high filling precision for powder filling. For some thickness products, it also could use an auger screw to fill.

Auger screw
multi-head scale

Metering Device-Multi Heads Scales

For packing granules, in order to get the exact volume of each bag, a multi-head electric scale is a good choice. It measure material by weight, and could exactly control accurate amount.

Metering Device-Rotor Pump

For packing sauce, in order to keep packing quality and speed, we will use a rotor pump for measuring. It’s professional for thick liquid and paste filling and could ensure high-speed filling.

rotor pump

Why Trust Our Packaging Machines

Packing machine factory (2)
Packing machine factory (1)

We have devoted ourselves to the research and development of packaging machines for as long as 10 years. Through the cases of different customers over the years, we have accumulated rich experience in customer service and proactively integrated customers’ opinions into product upgrades and improvements. Every salesperson can match the appropriate packaging machine solution according to the needs of customers, which can perfectly solve the problems that customers care about and help customers improve production efficiency.

Core Parts On Packing Machine

Bag former
Bag Former

Bag former is for forming bags from roller films. It could control the bag’s shape and size. One bag former control the width of the bag and couldn’t be compatible with multi-bag width. If you have 10 kind bag widths, you have to customize 10 set bag former. As for the bag shape, it will be customized by changing the bag’s former shape.

Packing machine body
Main Packing Machine Body

In the VFFS packing machine, all machines use the same packing machine body, by changing different measuring parts to pack different materials.

Sealing bar
Sealing Bar

Sealing bar sealing goods by high temperature, for different film materials, we will use different material sealing bars. The sealing width and sealing pattern are customized according to your actual requirements.  Especially for PE single-layer films, we will use the copper sealing model to seal.

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Study More Information About Packing Machine

What bags shpae dose packing machine do?

Please refer to all bag shapes below.

packing bag type

What kind films could be seald by sealing machine.

Packing materials: several kinds of heat-seal lamination, such as cellophane/PE, BOPP/PE, Aluminum Foil/PE, etc

What is other customization function on bags?
  • “-” tear mouth
  • “v” tear mouth
  • Flat cutting
  • Saw cutting
  • Hang holing
Could we adjust bags size on machine?

Bag width: It needs to change by changing to different size of bag former. One bag former for one bag width.

Bag lengti: Directly adjusting on touch screen.

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