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Manual Labeling Machine Manufacturer In China

Manual Labeling machine


The manual labeling machine is a hot sales and economy products in our factory. The machine is suitable for working with different shapes and sizes of bottles, such as round bottles, glass bottles, and others. The machine has a small size and weight, not need a big footprint to use it. It’s a good choice for small businesses.

Manual Labeling Machine Features

  • Low cost, suitable for many industries
  • Good size, and not need big room to install
  • Simple structure, not need complex technical and maintain
More Details

Labeling speed: 20-40 pcs/min (related to material and label size)
Labeling accuracy: + 1.0mm (material and label size excluded)
Label size Min label: 30*30mm
Max label: 130*300mm
Applicable label roll inner diameter: φ 76mm
Applicable label roll outer diameter: maximum φ 260mm
Package size: 650*350*550mm;35kg
Power: AC 110V 50Hz/60Hz 1000W

What is labeling speed of machine?

The machine could arrive 30-50 bottles per minute.

What is leanding time of manual labeling machine?

The manual labeling machine is in stock.

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