Wide Usage Lotion Filling Machine

Lotion Filling Machine


The lotion filling machine is professional for filling different volumes of lotion and is suitable for different sizes and shapes of containers. The machine has small in size and has a semi-automatic and automatic working model. Using our lotion-filling machine could help you improve production capacity and ensure product quality.

Features for lotion filling machine

  • The lotion filling machine meet GMP standard, the whole machine body is made of stainless steel, and other parts are made of high-standard food-grade material.
  • Sealing parts are food grade and have good sealing results, these could ensure lotion filling machine could fill high-temperature lotion.
  • Perfectly measuring system. Fixed filling volume with high filling precision.
  • Filing nozzles size could be customized, and an anti-dropping device to fit thick material filling.
More Details

Filling head: Single head and double heads, could be customized with four filling nozzles
Filling range: 5-5000ml
Air pressure range: 0.6-0.8MPA
Filling speed: 30-50 BPM
Filling accuracy: 1ml

How to adjust filling volume on machine?

There is a volume adjustment on the lotion-filling machine. For each set, only need the 30s to finish setting.

How temperature could be filled by machine?

The machine could fill material under 100℃.

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