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For labeling machines, We only focus on one thing: how to quickly, accurately, and perfectly stick the label where the customer wants to stick it.

  • Labeling machine parts (1)
  • Labeling machine parts (2)
  • Labeling machine parts (3)
  • Labeling machine parts (4)
  • Labeling machine parts (1)
  • Labeling machine parts (2)
  • Labeling machine parts (3)
  • Labeling machine parts (4)

Important Parts Of Labeling machine

Here are some main parts to ensure a perfect labeling result.

  • Sensor
  • Labeling Motor
  • Labels loading wheels
  • Labeling head

Usage Of Labeling Machine

With the development of industry, labeling machines are widely used in all walks of life. Different labeling machines meet people’s different labeling needs. The most common is the bottle labeling machine, which the bottle labeling machine has a round bottle labeling machine and a square bottle labeling machine. In addition to bottles, there are bag labeling machines, carton labeling machines, tube labeling machines, etc.

Various labeling machines can help customers solve different production needs and play an important role in the complete production line.

Category Of Labeling Machine

Picking up a suitable labeling machine for your project.

bottle labeling machine

For Paper labels, it could automatically glue on labels and stick it.

manual labeling mahcine

Small size with an economy price.

desktop labeling machine

Easy to move, full automatic working.

pouch labeling machine

Could work for different size pouches

Tube labeling machine

High speed and accuracy for tube labeling

Sleeve labeling machine

Using steam to shrink labels on bottles and cans.

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Merits Of Labeling Machine


The machine could be adjusted at any time for any labels. Not need any special tools.


It’s convenient to operate a labeling machine, which is just likes operating a phone.


Could work a long time without a problem.


Economy price with fast shipping time.

Case 1: Transparent Labels Labeling

Sometimes, besides normal labels, there are some bottles with transparent plastic bottles. If so, a normal labeling machine could work it, Main problem is the sensor couldn’t induct transparent labels. In order to solve this problem, we could customize and use a more advanced sensor that professional for transparent labels.

Bottles (1)

Case 2: Multi-Side Labeling

In the marker, besides round and square bottle labeling, there are some special requirements. Such as: doing three-side labeling or four-side labeling on multi-side bottles. Or doing cap seal labeling on cans or wine bottles. For these special situations,  we will customize special labeling machines to meet customer demand.

Why Choose Our Labeling Machine

Labeling machine (1)
Labeling machine (2)

We have already mass-produced labeling machines, which means we have faster delivery and lower prices. Years of customer service experience allow us to have a strong ability to customize and could be customized to meet various special needs. Our professional sales can select and recommend the most suitable plan for you in advance. We sincerely hope that the high-quality labeling machine can serve perfectly each of our customers.

Labeling machine

Lots of labeling machine solution is provided. For any bottles, any labels, and any ideas, please contact us now without any hesitation。

Labeling Machine Factory

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More Details About Labeling Machine

What size labels could be worked by our machine?

Each machine has its working range, but we could customize the machine based on your labels.

Is easy to install labeling machine?

Before shipping, we will install well each labeling machine, when you receive the machine, you could directly use it after plugging it in. No need to do any installation.

How to get a quotation?

Please share your bottle pic and label size with our sales, we will recommend a suitable machine and provide a quotation and video for you.

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