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  • jar filling line
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  • cream jars
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Jar filling machine

Some merits of jar filling machine

  • Efficiency: The jar filling machine can complete the filling job quickly and improve production efficiency.
  • Accuracy: The jarmachine can accurately control the filling volume of each bottle to ensure that each bottle has a constant capacity.
  • Automation: The jar filling machine can automatically fill and seal bottles, reducing the time and cost of manual operation.
  • Multifunctional: Some jar-filling machines can be applied to different types and sizes of bottles, which can meet different production needs.
  • Ease of Maintenance: This type of jar machine is usually simple in design and easy to clean and maintain, which can reduce failures, repair times, and costs.

Do You Know Jar Filling Machine?

The jar-filling machine is an efficient, accurate, and automatic machine, suitable for various specifications and types of bottles, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal bottles, etc. This type of machine can quickly complete bottle filling and capping jobs, improve production efficiency and at the same time ensure the constant capacity of each bottle, thus ensuring the quality and stability of the product.

The jar-filling machine is versatile and can be adapted to various types and specifications of bottles, and can be widely used in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and other industries. It can process all kinds of liquid and semi-liquid products, such as jam, honey, sauce, salad dressing, juice, drink, oil, liquid medicine, cosmetics, etc. At the same time, some jar-filling machines can also be connected to other production lines to realize automatic assembly lines and improve production efficiency.

In addition, the maintenance of the jar-filling machine is also very convenient, as it has a simple structure, easy to clean and maintain, which can reduce the failure rate, maintenance time, and cost. The operation is also very simple. You only need to set the relevant parameters, and the machine can automatically complete filling and sealing without much manual intervention, which reduces labor and production costs.

In short, the jar-filling machine is an efficient, accurate, and automatic machine that can adapt to different specifications and types of bottles, and is widely used in food, cosmetics, medical and other industries. At the same time, it is also very convenient to maintain, easy to operate, can effectively improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, and is also a very practical production equipment.

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Technical Data

Filling volume 100-5000ml could be customized
Filling precision 0.5-1ml
Suitable filling material Jam, sauce filling, cream, and others
Voltage 110V/220V 50-60hz
Filling speed 1000-4000BPH
Air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa

Main Filling Case Of Jar Filling Machine

Jam jar filling

Jam jar filling

Jam: In the production of jam ingredients, the jar-filling machine can provide high-precision filling to ensure the constant capacity of each bottle, and at the same time, it can process various semi-liquid products such as jams, purees, and pastes. fruits In addition, some machines can also be equipped with special anti-drip devices to prevent jam overflow and keep the production environment clean and hygienic.

Cosmetic jar filling

Cosmetic jar filling

Cosmetics: In the cosmetics industry, the jar filling machine can be applied to products of various viscosities, such as lotions, creams, essences, etc., and can provide high-precision and high-efficiency filling and sealing to ensure quality and appearance product. In addition, due to the high hygiene requirements of cosmetic products, this type of machine can usually perform automatic cleaning and disinfection to ensure the hygienic safety of products.

Salad dressing jar filling

Salad dressing jar filling

Salad dressing: In the production of salad dressing, the jar filling machine can process various semi-liquid products such as salad dressing and sauce. Since this product is usually dense, this machine usually has a special anti-drip and loading device to ensure a hygienic and clean working environment. In addition, its high efficiency and precision can also improve production efficiency and product quality.

Feature Of Jar Filling Machine


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Professional Production Process (3)

  • customization

    In our factory, we can offer customers customized jar-filling machines. During the production process, it can be customized and modified according to the needs and requirements of customers to meet the filling needs and special needs of different products.



  • QC

    Our factory has a professional production process and technology, which can produce high-quality jar-filling machines exquisitely. The process features cover all parts of the production process, including material selection, production processing, assembly, and troubleshooting, etc. to ensure each canning machine meets high-quality standards.

  • progressing

    Our factory has a professional production process and technology, which can produce high-quality jar-filling machines exquisitely. The process features cover all parts of the production process, including material selection, production processing, assembly, and troubleshooting, etc. to ensure each canning machine meets high-quality standards.

Jar filling machine

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Which bottles is the jar filling machine suitable for?

The jar-filling machine is suitable for different specifications and types of bottles, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal bottles, etc. Different models have different applications, and some machines can also fit different bottle shapes, such as round, and square bottles. bottles etc.

What products can the can filling machine work with?

The jar-filling machine can process a variety of liquid and semi-liquid products, such as jam, salad dressing, honey, sauce, oil, liquid medicine, cosmetics, etc. The different models can be adapted to different characteristics of the product, such as viscosity, pH, etc.

How to clean and maintain the can filling machine?

The cleaning and maintenance of the jar-filling machine are very convenient, and some machines can perform automatic cleaning and disinfection, which reduces manual intervention and improves hygiene standards. The structure of the machine parts is also relatively simple, and easy to disassemble and clean, which can reduce the time and cost of breakdowns and maintenance.

How does the jar filling machine ensure the safety of food production?

The jar-filling machine is very important in the field of light food production because it can guarantee the hygiene and safety of the production process. The jar-filling machine is generally made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and sanitize, avoiding the possibility of cross-contamination and bacterial infection. In addition, some machines are equipped with automatic cleaning and disinfection systems to help maintain a hygienic working environment. During operation, the machine can also precisely control the filling volume and sealing quality of the product, thus reducing product contamination and quality problems.

What production capacity can our factory provide to customers?

Our factory has many years of jar-filling machine experience and knowledge and is committed to providing customers with high-quality machines and perfect after-sales service. Our factory has a qualified, innovative, and team R&D team that can provide customized machine design and production solutions according to the needs of customers. At the same time, we have introduced advanced production technology and equipment, such as CNC machining centers, automated production lines, etc., to ensure the workmanship and stability of the machines. In addition, we have established a complete quality management system and after-sales service team to ensure machine quality and after-sales service reliability. Our factory adheres to the principle of being “customer-oriented” and strives to provide customers with high-quality products and services. All customers are welcome to consult and discuss cooperation.

What Features Does A Manual Jar Filling Machine Have?

There are various kinds of jar filling machines, and manuals tend to be the most basic and accessible for some individuals, often coming in at a lower price point. Some of the features will overlap with automatic machines, but since manual machines tend to have fewer features, let’s explore these first.

A manual jar filling machine will usually help the user fill jars to a pre-determined level, neatly and efficiently. It can be used to speed up production processes and generally features a sturdy, stainless steel frame and the ability to calibrate the filling process to an extent.

However, it may not have many other features. If you want a lot of special features and other time-saving options, you may want to look at automatic jar filling machines, which frequently have far more options.

What Features Does An Automatic Jar Filling Machine Have?

The features can vary depending on the model you buy, but an automatic jar filling machine will often have various other features beyond the filling ability. Many will have the ability to apply lids, meaning that they can be installed to a desired tightness far more reliably than if you’re doing it by hand.

They often offer many other features, too, such as a screen that makes it easy for you to set many of the controls on the machine, including things like timing, filling level, and more. This is often much easier than the manual controls found on basic machines and can make the production process quicker.

Automatic jar-filling machines may also have conveyors, meaning that they can pass the jars on to other equipment, such as labelers. This further speeds up production processes and eliminates the need for humans in many parts of the production line.

Some machines even have the ability to record recipes so that they can input different combinations depending on the product and desired bottle. This makes changing between products significantly easier and is another advantage that automatic jar-filling machines have over manual options.

Many of these machines have the ability to work with a whole automated packaging line, too, meaning that they are compatible with vision systems, capping machines, and more. If they detect a jam in the system, they will cease operating to prevent further issues, allowing the user to step in and solve the problem. They also won’t fill unless they detect a jar in place.

Not all automatic jar filling machines have these features, so it’s important to do thorough research into the possibilities before you determine which is right for you. Look for features that you would find particularly useful in your process.

What About A Honey Jar Filling Machine?

You can also purchase machines that are specifically designed for filling jars with honey. These machines are able to cope with most or all kinds of honey, meaning that they can handle a wide range of viscosities, and deal with sticky liquids effectively. Some can also handle other liquids, provided the viscosity is similar to that of honey.

Some honey jar filling machines will have other features as described above, but each is different, so you’ll need to read up on the product you are considering before you make a purchasing decision.

How Does A Jar Filling Machine Work?

A jar filling machine can work in different ways depending on whether you’re looking at a manual jar filling machine or an automatic jar filling machine. A manual filling machine will require more work from the user (as you might expect), while an automated machine requires minimal human intervention.

If you purchase a manual jar filling machine, you’ll need to put the container into position and use a handle to power the machine, filling it with the desired food or liquid. You don’t usually need to power this kind of machine (since you do the work) and many small businesses use these.

An automatic jar filling machine requires a power source, but much less input from the user. They fill the containers themselves and send them on to the next level of production. There are also some semi-automatic machines that stand between these two options.

Many automatic jar filling machines will also add the cap, making sealing the jar to a set standard much easier. Manual jar filling machines may not have this feature.

Regardless of which you pick, the machine is used to neatly transfer foods and liquids into the jars to a particular desired level. Many small businesses utilize jar filling machines to speed up their production and make the filling process much more straightforward.

What Can You Use Jar Filling Machines For?

In general, jar filling machines are used to package foods and liquids into jars quickly and easily. It is important to check what the jar filling machine is intended for before you purchase it; some are only intended for use with liquids, while others will work with foods too.

People use jar filling machines for things like pudding, nuts, candies, frosting, and more, but you do need to understand a machine’s versatility before you purchase one. If you want a honey jar filling machine, for example, you must check that the machine is designed for processing honey. Failure to do so could result in it not working as you anticipated.

You’ll also need to calibrate the machine to the product. The manufacturer’s guidelines will help you do this, as each machine is different, but this is key to getting the jars filled to the desired level. There will be various options, and you need to figure out what a machine’s capacity is before you purchase one.

What Benefits Come With Using A Jar Filling Machine?

The major advantage that these machines offer is efficiency: with a good machine, you can fill jars far faster than you can by hand. Compare scooping or pouring the food in with just pumping it directly into the jar, and you’ll see the difference.

Jar filling machines can be used to preserve all kinds of foods effectively, so whether you’re trying to bottle up pickles, jams, jellies, other preserves, or something like honey, a machine makes your life much easier.

Additionally, most jar filler machines are compact and don’t need much space on the counter (although this depends on the type you choose). If they also apply the lids, you can be sure you’re getting an excellent seal, which is key to preserving food safely.

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