How To Use Coffee Capsule Filling Machine

coffee capsule filling machine

Technica Parameters

Production capacity 2500-3000 cups/hour
Power 3.0 KW
Filling volume 1-20 Grams
Voltage AC 380V /50HZ/ 3 phases
Dimension (L)2850*(W)750*(H)2000 MM
Weight Approx. 1100 KGS
Air supply 0.7 m3/min
Air pressure 0.6 MPA
Nitrogen supply 0.1 Nm3/hour
Nitrogen pressure 0.2 MPA

How to install a coffee capsule filling sealing machine


1, Remove the wooden box and move the machine to the designated location in the workshop

2, There are 4 wheels and 4 nut units under the machine after the machine was carried to the production department. Adjusting the nut until the machine on a horizontal position. The horizontal position of the corners of the machine difference should be less than 5 mm. Install the vacuum feeder and the conveyor belt. Before packing them into a wooden case, we removed the vacuum feeder and conveyor belt from the machine. It is easy to install, please refer to the below picture.

Conveyor nuts

3, Fix the four screws on the bottom corner of the conveyor belt, and there are tools in the toolbox.

Machine door

4, Connect the power and signal wires on the conveyor belt, as well as the aviation connector. At this stage, the installation of the conveyor belt is complete.

Powder feeder Powder feeder

5, Please refer to these two pictures to install the vacuum feeder, and connect signal and power cables. So far, all installation work has been completed . Then begin to connect the air compressor and power, please refer to the below picture. This machine must connect the air compressor, if do not connect air compressor can not turn on the machine and can not light on the touch screen. There is a pressure protection switch inside the machine.

6, Power line at the export of the electrical box of the machine, connect to the power supply in 380V/3Phases/50HZ.


7, a Total of 5 wire lines. R, S, and T are three fire lines. N is the zero line. The yellow and green double color line is Ground wire.(PE) . Please connect R, S, and T three fire lines to your air switch or circuit breaker.


8, If R, S, and T three fire line order is correct, The phase sequence protector (CHNT) inside the control cabinet will light up green. If The phase sequence protector (CHNT) lights up red color, it is wrong, you need to switch the three fire lines’ order and check the phase sequence protector (CHNT) again Until it lights up green. The work of connecting to the power supply is completed

9, Then begin to connect the air compressor. Connect the machine to the air compressor, the outside diameter of the air hose is 12 mm. Air hose is inserted into the air filter. Air flow volume about 0.7 m3/min, and set air pressure to 0.5-0.8 MPA. Connect the machine to the nitrogen supply, pressure 0.2 MPA. See as below photo: The left one is for air, and the right one is for nitrogen. There are marks on the air filter, please check carefully. A drier freezing air compressor is recommended.

air compressor

10, Filter A connect to an air compressor. Filter B connects to the nitrogen gas supply. The nitrogen generator needs to connect with the air compressor, it need the air compressor to supply air to the nitrogen generator.

air compressor

11, Please leak off the water in the left groove and add oil to the right groove. Install conveyor belt and vacuum feeder . At this point, the coffee capsule filling sealing machine, air compressor, nitrogen generator, and conveyor bel are complete.

Spare parts Spare parts Spare parts

12, Put enough empty aluminum cups, and powder into the hopper. (more than 1/2 , full cover the screw), put more aluminum lids in the machine . Then we can begin to turn on the machine and light on the touch screen.

Touch screen

13, From left to right, the first switch is the main power switch, and the second switch is the heating switch. The third switch is a backup switch and is useless. Please ignore it. Click the touch screen, logo in, and select a menu language, there are Chinese language and English languages and select English language. Logo into as below.

touch screen

14, This is the main menu page . Now the button on the menu is Orange-red, and the function is closed. After clicking the menu button, the button turns green, and the function is open. Please click on all button functions to turn on, as shown in the following picture .

touch screen

15, Then press the start menu, can start the machine and the machine will run automatically, it is one key option, and it is easy and friendly to operate this machine. If you want to stop the machine, press the stop menu. If you want to finish production, please turn off the load cup function. The machine will not load cups .machine will continue filling and sealing, then press stop. You can click point control to log into the point control page. This is a manual model, the machine’s chain will not move, this is a test model, and you may click each menu to debug the machine .please refer to the below picture.

touch screen touch screen

touch screen touch screen

16, This is the detection page, there are three sensors in the machine, a cup sensor, a lid sensor, and a door sensor, Customers can select to turn on or turn off each sensor.  We suggest turning on the cup sensor and lid sensor, they are very helpful.

touch screen touch screen

touch screen touch screen

17, Click the time setting menu can log into the time setting page. total three pages. Click the filling screw auger turns, can adjust the filling gram, it is the filling servo motor’s parameter. please be careful not to modify another parameter.


1, In front of the boot should check the air pressure is normal, and the general pressure to be maintained between 0.5-0.8Mpa.
2, Clutch ( pawl ) with the drive connected to the cylinder lubricated periodically, so as not to damage parts, affecting product quality and service life of the machine.
3, After production is done, let the sealing part cool naturally.
4, Cleaning aluminum plate dirt, to avoid premature aging and corrosion.
5, Always check the sealing heads for dirt, and ensure the quality of the seal.
6, Prior to regulating the temperature from low to high profile sealing, guarantee heat sealing temperature more uniform, the sealing effect is much better. Find a fault, they should immediately press the emergency stop switch, all the implementing agencies will immediately reset the device, turn the power off, check the reasons, and troubleshoot after the boot.

Every day maintenance: Clean all the metal parts in the picture as below:


Every week maintenance: Add engine oil or lubricating oil to the metal part which is around the air cylinder.


Every month maintenance

A. Add oil to the chain in the below picture.


B. Check if there is water and oil in the pneumatic pressure-regulated valve if have drained it.

Air seperator

C. Check all the screws and make sure to tighten them.


D. Check the spring and the electric heater. If the spring is not elastic, replace it. If the temperature is abnormality, it is possible that the heater is broken.


Every half of year maintenance: Check if there is enough oil in the reduction gearbox.


Troubles and troubleshooting

Technical Parameters

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