How To Use Bottle Labeling Machine

1, Precautions for the device label

  • Confirm the positive and negative directions of the label.
  • Move the bottom guide ring to the appropriate position.
  • The label is surrounded by the detour path as shown in the diagram.
  • Make sure that the label is pulled down.
  • The end of the label is fixed on the label receiving plate.
  • Make sure that the upper guide band is pushed to the edge of the label. The label surround is completed, and the label and the standard pressing wheel are locked. After pressing the “label length” key, the computer automatically calculates the length and gap of the label and adjusts the location and length of the label out of the label by adjusting the location of the electric eye by adjusting the label.
  • Note: automatic calculation of label length should be consistent with the actual length of the label.

Bottle labeling machine 2

Bottle labeling machine

2, How to Adjustment of wheel attached mechanism

  • Between work objects and wheel attacks, it is ideal to clamp slightly and rotate the handwheel clockwise, the wheel moves on the pressure plate, and vice versa.
  • When the 2. wheel is too loose or too tight, the wheel can be adjusted with tightness screws to correct the tightness. Clockwise rotation of the tightening wheel with a belt, counterclockwise rotation of the loose wheel belt.

3, How to adjust the photoelectric positioning and sensitivity of labeling measurement

  • Adjust the roughing and twisting first, adjust the clockwise direction, adjust the direction to the light, adjust the clockwise direction, and adjust it to the light, then adjust the following fine rotation, adjust the clockwise direction, and turn to the light.
  • When the optical eye is located on the label, the indicator of the fiber amplifier is not bright, if it is bright. To adjust, first adjust the coarse tuning twist, adjust to no bright, and then adjust the fine-tuning twist, first tune to light, and then adjust to not bright.
  • If the test is not normal, repeat the above steps to install the label.


4, How to operate the touch screen of the bottle labeling machine

  • Operation mode: touch the Chinese button on the screen.
  • Operation picture key description: The transmission line starts – transfer the switch of the bottle conveyer belt.
  • The starting switch of the labeling start-up module
  • The machine needs to start the work line and the labeling must be opened at the same time.
  • Hand out the punctuation point and move the machine out of a label.\Count zero – production count numbers to zero
  • Code-switching – the machine has an increase in the switch of the code machine.
  • Production counts – the statistics of one label per post;
  • The length of the mark controls the maximum length of the motor of the sending label assembly; this is to reduce the waste of the label when the photoelectric label fails.
  • The speed of the bid mark – the speed and frequency of the standard motor.
  • Bid delay: how long does it take for the bottle to be detected after the photoelectric detection of the bottle to send the motor to work?
  • Time delay stop sign check photoelectric detects the time delay of a label when the label is finished, and sends the standard assembly motor to stop work.
  • Production set – preset production, production count until the output, the machine will stop working.

Touch screen of bottle labeling machine

5, How to solve usual questions during working bottle labeling machine

  • The power indicator light is not bright: Check whether the power is connected and whether the circuit is powered.
  • Photoelectric abnormality: In the labeling process, when the electric eye can not be detected, the sensitivity of the electric eye must be readjusted. If the repeated adjustment is invalid, the new product should be replaced for damage to the electric eye.
  • Mark position: According to the length of the button, the label length and gap will be automatically calculated, and the position of the label head will be adjusted to adjust the position of the mark by adjusting the position of the photoelectric detection eye.
  • The front and middle fold of the label: Work things to detect the electric eye to the left and right fine-tune, you can. It can be tested repeatedly.
  • The label is not plaster: Check whether the labels are parallel or not, the tightness of the mechanism is moderate, or the labeling mechanism is adjusted to parallel, and the tightness of the wheel-attached mechanism is moderate.
  • The stop position of continuous mark or label is not allowed: The label can be detected by the label detection, and the tag is adjusted to detect the electric eye (two eye distance of 3-5mm is suitable, and the tag should be detected more than 3mm). After repeated adjustment is invalid, it may be damaged by the electric eye.
  • The label is easy to break: After ensuring the quality of the label is qualified, check whether the clamping force of the marking and receiving wheel is appropriate. The eccentric wheel can be adjusted to make the label relax properly.
  • Abnormity of frequency conversion machine: The frequency converter has an abnormal output signal. Please control the abnormal type of frequency converter manual. If it can not return to normal, please contact our company as soon as possible.
  • Warning: servo drivers, frequency converters, and programmable controller parameters can not be changed at will. After modification, the equipment will not function properly.

6, How to do daily maintenance for the bottle labeling machine

  • The use of 220V single-phase three-wire power supply grounding is reliable, otherwise, there may be electric shock.
  • The opening/closing time should be greater than 30 seconds, otherwise, it will easily damage electrical components.
  • The parameters of the servo driver and inverter in the chassis can not be changed. If there is any change, the machine may not be able to move.
  • When you operate the machine, you can’t discount the optical fiber. If there is a discount, it may cause a mistake in labeling, and you need to replace the optical fiber. When replacing the optical fiber, we should ensure that the optical fiber specifications are consistent.
  • Do not change wires, data lines, and trachea interfaces at random, and protect them from damage.
  • In the formal start-up, the labeling is to be sure that the touch screen under the “rush” button is in a state of play, if pressed, it can not “start”, or “labeling”, but the other buttons are normal.
  • The touch screen should avoid scratching, so as not to cause bad touch.
  • The main rubber wheel is clean with alcohol. If the surface is sticky, it can not be removed with sharp tools, so as not to cause damage.
  • The conveyer belt should be kept clean. If the dirt is hard to wipe, the brush will be removed.
  • The driving belt of the main labeling motor should be checked once a month. If it is too loose, it should be adjusted accordingly. When adjusting, release the fixing screws of the servo motor and lock the belt tightly. It should be noted that the belt can not be stretched too tightly, and too tight will cause the noise of the motor’s mechanical resonance.
  • Bearing parts should also be checked regularly to prevent the loosening of screws and affecting work.
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