How To Use Bottle Capping Machine?

bottle capping machine

Technical Parameters

Mechanical size: L*W*H 2000* 760*1560mm
Power supply: 220V/50 Hz
Power: 1.8KW
Air pressure: 0.7MPa

Structure of bottle capping machine

Bottle capping machine

① Conveyor belt

② Import guardrail locking knob

③ Bottle body clamping, conveyor belt

④ Touch display

⑤ Bottle height and short adjustment hand wheel

⑥ Bottle large and small clamping adjustment hand wheel

⑦ Bottle cap rotating head

⑧ Rotating head height, low adjustment hand wheel

⑨ Swivel head clamping adjustable cylinder

⑩ Exit guardrail locking knob

Press English to enter the English interface as follows

touch screen of capping machine

The number of bottle caps can be set.
Computer display automatic counting.
Press clear to clear the last count and return to zero.
Press run and the machine starts to work.
Press Auto Stop and the machine will stop automatically after completing the set quantity.
Press the main interface to return to the previous menu.
According to the parameter setting, jump to the next menu:

bottle capping machine

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