How To Use Bag In Box Filling Machine

bag in box filling machine

Ⅰ,  Machine structure of bag in box filling machine

BIB filling machine (1)

Ⅱ, Moving parts

BIB filling machine

  • Slide right position: when the filling head and clamping cap mechanism are in the rightmost position, the test switch will turn on the light.
  • Slide left position: when the filling head and clamping cover mechanism are in the left-most position, the test switch will turn on the light.
  • Slide right throttle valve: adjust the sliding speed of the left and right cylinders to the right. Loosen the lock nut before adjustment. Adjust the speed clockwise to slow down, and counterclockwise to speed up.
  • Slide left throttle valve: adjust the left and right cylinder sliding speed to the left. Loosen the lock nut before adjustment. Adjust the speed clockwise to slow down, and counterclockwise to speed up. (other throttle adjustment methods are the same, with no repeated instructions)
Ⅲ, Lifting parts

BIB filling machine

  • Lift middle: the in-situ detection switch of the lifting mechanism. The switch should be on when on standby.
  • Lift down: the press-down first stroke detection switch (clamping cap position) of the lifting mechanism, shall be turned on when the first stroke action is in place.
  • Lift up: the press down second stroke detection switch of the lifting mechanism (filling and capping position), and the second stroke action is in place.
Ⅳ, Vacuum generator

BIB filling machine

The main part of vacuuming, vacuuming the bag before filling it, discharging the bag air, and discharging from the vacuum exhaust pipe.

Ⅴ, Flowmeter


Flow meter: the main part of the quantitative method of flow meter, with the feeding pump and filling head to realize quantitative filling. The material flows through the flow meter to generate the pulse signal, the pulse signal is calculated and converted into the volume of the material, and the actual filling volume reaches the set value then stops filling automatically.

Ⅵ, Feeding pump

stainless steel pump

Before testing the machine, fill the material into the pump body from the feed inlet or outlet, pump should be full with material when the pump is running, can’t run without material, otherwise the sealing parts will be damaged. When filling the machine, the material tank outlet should be higher than a pump.

Ⅶ, Working platform

working platform

Depending on the bag size to adjust the tilt Angle of the platform, the larger the bag is, the larger the tilt Angle will be, so as to avoid the outflow of material from the bag.

Ⅷ, Oil, and water separator and pressure adjustment

Bag in box filling machine

  • Air inlet switch (hand slide valve): the right slide is to open the air source to supply the equipment, and the left slide is to turn off the air source.
  • Air pressure adjustment: adjust the working air pressure of the equipment, the rotary knob pulls up, when turn clockwise, pressure increases, when turn counterclockwise, pressure decreased, then press down the knob to lock after finish adjustment.
  • Filter: it is used to filter water and impurities in the air source to protect the pneumatic components; When the water is too much, the hand slide valve should be left to turn off the air source, and the filter will drain automatically. Remove the filter cup for cleaning if there are more impurities in the filter.
  • Oil mist, oil mist detector cup to add 1/2 of the special cylinder oil (turbine NO.1 oil SNS – 01 ISO VG32) or sewing machine oil, when the equipment is running, there will be a small amount of oil with gas to the pneumatic components for protecting the pneumatic components lubrication.
  • Oil quantity adjustment: adjust the amount of oil intake, and the oil volume scale is 0~9, which can be adjusted to about 3~4.
Ⅸ, Touch screen operation

1), Touchscreen operation

touch screen

  • Touch screen: mainly used in the function Settings, parameter Settings, manual operation, signal monitoring, etc., before using the machine, please check the function, and the parameters are correct, and make sure correct restart machine production.
  • Power switch: turn counterclockwise to OFF to turn OFF the power, and turn clockwise to turn ON the power.
  • Inching: When the equipment is in operation, press the button of the inching switch once, and the equipment will be filled and pressed once.
  • Emergency stop: its function is to stop the machine operation immediately and lock the machine in case of emergency in any situation, and prevent misoperation of equipment; This switch is only used in emergency situations. After confirming that the situation is normal, turn the emergency stop switch clockwise and release the lock and return to standby mode.

2) Working interface

bag in box filling machine

  • Output count: record the production quantity of the product, and press the button for 2 seconds, the quantity is zero clearing.
  • Set volume: set the current filling volume.
  • Start/Stop: when the machine is in standby mode, press the button to start the machine; When the device is in operation, press the button to stop the machine.
  • Run indication: the machine running status indicator, and when the machine is running, the green light flashes.
  • Alarm indication: the machine failure alarm indicates, when the machine is in emergency stop and failure, the red light flashes, and the alarm information is displayed at the bottom of the status bar.
  • Feed: feed function switch, press, on、off feeding material function.
  • Vacuum: feed function switch, press, on、off feeding material function.
  • Nitrogen: Nitrogen function switch, press to open and close the nitrogen function
  • Synchro feed: select the function switch of feeding mode, and press the button to open and close the synchronous feeding function.
  • The default state is closed, and the feeding pump is always running when the machine is running.
  • When it is open, the feeding pump is opened when filling, and the feeding pump stops after filling.
  • Automatic: Automatic interval function switch, press the key to open and close the automatic interval operation function.
  • The default state is close. After starting the device, press the “inching switch” once for each filling.
  • When is in the open state, after starting the device, it will run at the automatic interval time, which is set in the “automatic interval time” set by parameters.
  • Clean: press to Clean the panel
  • When cleaning the machine pipe, add water or hot water in the hopper, filling head connect the drainage pipeline, press the button to open the cleaning function, feed the pump and filling head both open, the water into the pipe from the pump, water discharge from filling head, rinsed repeatedly pump, pipe, filling head, etc, in order to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
  • After cleaning the pipe and other parts, can teardown the pump discharge gate screw to discharge excess water.
  • Clean the external materials of the equipment. The moisture on the electrical components should be cleaned or cleaned with air.

3), Manual operation

bag in box filling machine

In standby mode, the machine can be operated manually, and used in debugging and maintenance machines.

4), Parameters setting

BIB filling machine

  • Vacuuming time: Setting the vacuum time
  • Leak proof delay: after filling, in order to prevent the material on the filling head from dripping onto the equipment, the filling head will wait for a certain time directly above the bag mouth before leaving. The time can be set according to material dropping.
  • Capping delay: When capping is in place, the time delay is set, the lifting mechanism rises and returns to the original position.
  • Automatic interval time: Automatically interval the running time from one job to the next.
  • Nitrogen time: Set the charging nitrogen time.
  • Filling coefficient set: The filling coefficient is the coefficient used to convert the pulse quantity of the flow meter into the actual filling quantity when filling. Each filling coefficient has a different filling range. After setting the filling quantity, the corresponding filling coefficient will show “Current use”.
  • The actual filling quantity can be corrected by adjusting the filling coefficient when the actual filling material is different from the setting filling volume. The smaller the filling coefficient, the more the actual filling volume is, and the larger the filling coefficient is, the less the actual filling volume will be.
  • Pulse display: Displays the current pulse volume.
  • Parameter setting method:
    Press chose the parameter which needs setting, and the current set is the parameter anti-color display.
    Press chose the parameter which needs setting, and Select the parameters that are modified to flicker.
    Press the button to clear the data and reset the data if the data is incorrect. If parameters don’t need to be set, press to quit.

5), Singal monitor

bag in box filling machine

The working state of each input and output element can be detected. It is mainly used for debugging and maintenance to determine whether the input element is working properly.

6), Alarm record interface

BIB filling machine

7), Main issue and solution

  • Connect the power supply and air source according to the machine parameter.
  • The machine’s ground electrode must be reliable grounding, grounding resistance of less than 4 Ω.
  • The voltage fluctuation of the power supply should not exceed + or – 6%.
  • Filter of the air filter component needs to drain before starting the machine, confirm the oil mist has oil.
  • Keep the production environment as dry as possible. Temperature: -5 ~60 degrees, humidity: 15-85%, avoid corrosive water vapor, gas, or liquid.
  • Add lubricating oil to the equipment’s moving parts regularly, about once a week.
  • When the equipment is in operation, do not put your hand into the active part of the device to prevent injury.
  • Clean the equipment every day, especially the perishable materials.

8), Circuit diagram

circuit diagram circuit diagram circuit diagram

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