How To Operate Pouch Filling Machine

1, Introduction and principle of the machine

The pouch filling machine is one of the XYZ machinery introduced filling capping machine products. This machine is widely used for a variety of drinks, such as addicted ( jelly ), milk, butter, fruit juices, paddles, and chemical liquid product production lines. Our company adopts many foreign advanced productions of capping technology, so the machine has the advantages of novel structure, high reliability, convenient operation, broad applicability, and high performance. Also used for large import quantities of control elements, such as the French” Schneider” or” Ling” in Japan the electromagnetic contactor, electromagnetic switch, current short circuit switch button, select switch; Japan” Mitsubishi” relay, proximity switch, a direct power supply; Italy” Feinikesi” such as terminals. Making the system more stable and reliable.

Our company importance to development, depending on the quality of our life. Through careful design, well-manufacturing, and service integrity, producing high-quality products, meeting customers and market demand, take quality benefit way, is our consistent policy of quality work. If there have quality problems or not satisfied with the machine in the process of use, please contact us, and we will make our people contact you in a short time.

2, Technical parameters

Model X-Y ZLD-2H X-Y ZLD-4H X-Y ZLD-6H
Production capacity 1000-2000Bag/h 2000-3000Bag/h 3000-4200Bag/h
Total Power 1.25KW 1.6KW
voltage 380V/50HZ
size 3000*2100*2200mm




Each station cover 2 bags 4 bags 6 bagS
Air source 0.7M3pa

Air consumption

weight Around 1.5T Around 2.0T

3, Machine structure

pouch filling machine

1, Filling board 2, On column 3, Cylinder limit set
4, Cylinder Connector 5, Piston rod 6, Quantitative cup
7, Discharge connector 8, Valve 9, Filling the plate quite fit

pouch filling machine

1  Cylinder connector 5 Guide post
2 Guide sleeve 6 Cylinder mounting plate
3 Small guide 7 Moving plate
4  Sprinkler sets 8 Nozzle fixed plate

4, Fault analysis and troubleshooting

When the machine appears failure, it should analysis specific, judgment, whether it meets the use requirements, and whether the fault belongs to which part, mechanical, pneumatic, or electric, then should according to the principle of the machine inspection, repair, and adjustment.

The fault phenomenon Cause analysis Elimination method

The main motor is stopped

Or can’t start


 Pressure is not enough

Pressure switch

Increased gas pressure
the bag is not enough bag wear


Cap-screwing not firm


Chuck Wear and tear Check and replace
Cap not

Meet the requirements


check and replace

Torsion is not enough Transfer large torque
Low motor speed Increasing motor speed

Filling drip

Filling valve, piston seal, low nitrogen pressure Check the seal replacement, increase the nitrogen pressure
the filling mouth can’t  collimation adjust again


Blowing pressure is too large To adjust the blowing pressure
the quality of the bag doesn’t meet the requirement Replacement of the qualified product bags

5, Safety operation and precautions

a, Please operation follow the instructions, Inappropriate operation, installation, and adjustment will cause a wrong operation or affect the performance of the machine, if there has any questions on the operation, please Advisory Services Department or local agency.
b, The manual operation is effective for anytime and anyone.
c, The operator must read and predominate the manual before the operation, especially the safety mark.
d, Please observe the warning signs, in order to prevent injuries.
e, When operating, do not wear a necklace, or tie, do not wear casual clothing, or long hair .operators must be rolled it up, When necessary use personal safety equipment.
f, For Safety, Only through training of operating personnel can operate the machine
g, Only professional operators could replace the parts of machines.
h, Set all safety, and hazard symbols On the machine.
I, Only ensure the machine shuts down and self-locking outside to prevent the opened, can be carried out repair and service, the part of the machine electricity, can only be bear by enginemen, or by skilled workers on the basis of electrical rules under the guidance of operation
j, Turn-off the power or the beginning operation, should ensure that no one was hurt at startup
k, If there have any abnormal, stop immediately, and report the responsible person.
l, The body or the control box is wet, can’t operate the machine.
m, No impact electric control box avoid damage to electrical equipment
n, Must be grounded
o, Do not put the body safety mark tear.
p, Do not damage the safety switch or change its function.
q, If damaged in transit, don’t Connection the power supply, and notify our company immediately.
r, Without the” joy goal” allowed, can’t change or modify the machine so as not to affect the safety performance
s, Because the repair need to open the machine cover, and must be in the shutdown condition

6, Maintenance and lubrication

PART ONE: Maintenance

Strictly use, maintenance, and maintenance of the system is an important guarantee to ensure the normal operation of the machine and prolong the service life.

  • In order to ensure the step conveying, the precision of the program behavior, this machine has been through the precision adjustment, not arbitrarily percussion, removing.
  • Must be replaced motor reducer and lubricating oil ( the first oil time is half a year, later replaced once a year ) regularly, records the speed reducer and motor working position, loosen the main drive chain and the box locking screws, clean box change after20# industrial gear oil
  • Air three CIS needs timely gas and water, to ensure the normal operation of pneumatic components.
  • When washing a machine, pay attention to the protection of the electrical control box and a motor component, as to avoid moisture leakage and damage.
  • Check the mechanical connection looseness regularly.

Part two: lubrication

Lubrication part The name of the lubricating material, code Frequency of replacement
Each chain of transmission Calcium base grease-3 1month
decelerator machine oil HJ-30 6month
Stepper machine oil HJ-30 6month
Each guide sleeve machine oil HJ-30 10day

7, Adjustment

a Production adjustment, the main motor adopts frequency conversion speed, step-less adjustment of productivity, according to different requirements of different machine production speed can be adjusted

b Each part of the coordination of movement, time allocation, by PLC automatic control of each gas path electric control valve. The action of each mechanism parameter can be designed on the touch-screen and modification

c The speed adjustment, the corresponding action of each cylinder A, and B on the air inlet one-way throttle valve to regulate, can respectively adjust the action cylinder bearing stretch, shrinkage rate

d Pressure adjustment, an adjustable air three conjoined pressure regulating knob to the desired pressure

e Filling volume adjustment, adjustable filling cylinder limit screw to adjust the actual stroke length of the cylinder, achieve the filling amount of fine-tuning effect. (see the attached figure one ).

f Capping force adjustment, adjustable constant magnetic clutch magnetic torque to the rotary cover force (.Figure)

g Capping the motor speed adjustment, adjustment of the spiral cover motor converter to make the rotary head cover can slide, sliding time as short as possible

h capping tightness detection unit to adjust, adjust and test rod limiting bolt screwed tight cover, not touch detection rod surface and the loose cover is touching. Then adjust the height of the proximity switch to a tight cover and on the lid off.

i Inflatable pressure adjustment: can adjustable nitrogen output pressure.

j Inflatable pressure adjustment: when the machine at working, the pressure switch has been transferred to0.5Mpa

k When the air pressure is lower than 0.5Mpa, disconnect the power supply control circuit, the control panel shows low pressure, and the machine could not be started. The production process generally does not need to be adjusted. For adjustment, the adjustable pressure switch adjustment screw, observing the pressure to which the pointer points to pressure pressure calibration procedures can be.

l Regulating valve and filter adjustment

  • The pressure regulating valve nut when according to mark the arrow to rotate the nut decreases with increasing power
  • Should be regular filter drainage and periodic clean washing filtern、Overload clutch gas adjustment: when the machine in operation encountered an unexpected resistance when the clutch slips, cutting off the main power transmission to the turntable, the function of overload protection. Specific adjustment method ( see Figure three ) .

pouch filling machine pouch filling machine pouch filling machine pouch filling machine pouch filling machine pouch filling machine pouch filling machine pouch filling machine

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