How To Operate Cup Filling Sealing Machine

Ⅰ, Usage

The BHJ serials filling & sealing machine can fill and seal different shape containers. We can design machines as client’s requirements. This serial machine can fill different liquids into cups or boxes, for example, juice, milk, yogurt, cheese, mineral water, ice cream, chili sauce, and so on.

Ⅱ, Structure feature

The machine has a neat bright outlook. It is made of channel Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and electrical equipment. The part of the machine that can touch food is made of stainless steel and is up to hygienic standards. All the function is worked on by the machine. Can drop cup, fill, put film, code, seal, cut film, and revise. Full automatic, can economization on manpower and lower the cost. The machine is highly efficiency, it can drive 14/minute. The machine is safe and reliable, easy to operate, and has a long life. All spare parts use domestic or importation

Ⅲ, Technology specification

Model X-C
Voltage 380V three phase 50HZ
Power 2.5 Kw
Size(L*W*H) 2400*750*1700 mm
Output 1600-2000 cup /hour
Weight 900 Kg

Ⅳ, Operation indication

Carry the machine to the production department, The Carry machine must pay attention to the center-of-gravity position. The  X-C series machine’s center-of-gravity position is partial to the sealing part. In the carrying process, the forklift must according to the schematic diagram carry the machine.

Cup filling sealing machine (10)


Ⅴ, Installment

After the machine was carried to the production department. Put the nut into four holes on the bottom of the machine.  Adjust the nut until the machine on a horizontal position. Join the 380V line to the electric box that has power marked, and connect the ground wire to earth. According to the schematic diagram connect the tube where the food material is on the tank. After it is all finished, we can begin operation.

Ⅵ, Operation

Open the switch. If the indication light is light, it means the machine can begin to work. According to the schematic diagram by adding lubricating oil to every part, and then pressing step by step button, the mold of the machine begins to work. Open the temp controller, after the power is light start to adjust the temperature. Adjust the temperature between 180℃to 230℃, it takes about 10-20 minutes. If the temperature shows ON to OFF, it means the temperature is okay, and can be sealed. According to the schematic diagram install the film, and let the design aim at the edge of the cup. In the production process, first press the cup-dropping button, then the filling button, and so on. Attention: when cups go under the sealing part, press the step-by-step button to stop the machine from working, let the design aim at the edge of the cup, then press the step-by-step button to start working

Ⅶ, Do’s and dont’s

In order to make sure the machine runs properly and has a long working life, please strictly keep the rules of use and maintenance. Add a few lubricating oils to the moving chain and guide lever. Please clean the machine with water before or after using it to make sure the food is cleaner. Don’t break or scratch the surface of the under of sealing copper, Keep the under of sealing copper clean.

Ⅷ, Failure and recovery

If the machine has failed, please analyze and diagnose which part of the machine is wrong. Please check, repair, and adjust the machine according to the working principle

General problem: Formal mistake and error The sealing is not fastness, please check if the sealing film‘s surface is smooth, or if the temperature is correct.  Also, check the material of the film if meets the requirements or not. The filling install valve is an abnormality, we can check if there is a solid in the middle of the solenoid valve. If the filling installs can’t work, please check the power and the wheel. The cutting isn’t good, please check the quality of the cutter, whether the cutter point is sharp or not. In general, the cutter into the mold is 8mm.

①wheel & chain( add oil every week)

②sealing drawbar( add oil before production)

③gear & chain(add oil every week)

④reduction box( change new oil every month)

⑤reduction box, gear, chain of cup dropping( add oil every week)

⑥chain of mould(add oil before production)

⑦gear box(change new oil every month)

Keeping add oil to machine

Cup filling sealing machine (9)

Ⅸ, How to run machine

Cup filling sealing machine (8)

  1. Connect the machine’s power line to 380V, three-phase, 50HZ.
  2. Connect the machine to the air compressor with a 12 mm air hose, and adjust air pressure to 0.6MP-0.8 MPA.
  3. Turn on the machine’s power.
  4. Turn on the temperature. Wait for the temperature up to the preset value.
  5. Turn on the “falling cup” first, then turn on filling,  codling, sealing, sealing, and cutting, machine will run automatically.

X, Maintenance

  • Every day maintenance

Clean all the metal parts in the picture as below:

Cup filling sealing machine (7)

  • Every week maintenance

Add engine oil or lubricating oil to the metal part which is around the air cylinder.

Cup filling sealing machine (6)

  • Every month maintenance

Add oil to the chain in the below picture.

Cup filling sealing machine (5)

Check if there is water and oil in the pneumatic pressure-regulated valve if you have it.

Cup filling sealing machine (4)

Check all the screws and make sure tighten.

Cup filling sealing machine (3)

Check the spring and the electric heater. If the spring is not elastic, replace it. If the temperature is abnormality, it is possible that the heater is broken.

Cup filling sealing machine (2)

  • Every half of a year maintenance

Check if there is enough oil in the reduction gearbox.

Cup filling sealing machine (1)

  • Troubles and troubleshooting

Cup filling sealing machine (11)

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