How To Choose a Weighting System On a Packing Machine For Liquid, Granule, And Powder Material


In the world of advancing technology, manufacturing and packaging areas are also changing their dynamics with the fast-moving world. Efficiency and accuracy are in supreme demand as the handling of diverse materials is in function. Accordingly, the need for progressive equipment and machinery increases in which weighing packaging machines is also paramount. Industries using diverse materials like liquid, powder, granules, pastes, semisolids, etc, know how effective and essential it is to incorporate a weighing system on a packaging machine. Apparently, they are always looking up to automated weighing solutions because they provide precision and efficiency. However, the precision and efficiency of the machine as per your requirements rely on the careful selection of authentic equipment. Selecting the proper weighing system that perfectly blends with the special properties of different substances is crucial. As the industries are evolving as per the demands of the market, having a legitimate weighing system becomes essential. Since it not only provides the weighing solution but also makes the whole process of packaging effective and seamless. Here we will be discussing detailed considerations that are essential in the selection of the right weighing packaging machine. Exploring the different features of the equipment associated with different products like liquids, granules, and powder. And moreover, their applications in the industries. This guide will give you comprehensive knowledge of the weighing systems and will illuminate a path for your perfect equipment selection.

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Why is the weighing system important in a packaging machine?

This section will let you know why it is essential to use a proper weighing system in a packaging machine.

1. Uniformity

Uniformity is significant for any kind of product your business is dealing with! Your customer’s trust relies on the consistency of your products. It builds a sense of trust and reliability and builds up a good reputation for the brand in the market. Therefore, automatic weighing scales make this task a lot easier and hassle-free and maintain uniformity in your products over a period of time. Along with that helps in creating a solid customer loyal base.

2. Cost efficiency

Weighing scales reduces the amount of wastage hence proving to be cost effective in the long run. Weighing and packing manually can give rise to numerous human errors and may often be subject to extra wastage of the product. Thus, using an automatic scale can help reduce all these factors and also save a lot of time as compared to manual weighing.

3. Safety

Safety is paramount while packaging the products especially if your business deals with food material. Amid packing it is essential to add ingredients after proper weighing to eliminate any risk factors. Any disturbance in ingredients might become a reason for potential health risks and can lead to the suing of your business.

4. Convenient

An automatic weighing machine can bring convenience to your business. Because it is essential to pack the correct weight as written on the packaging. For example, if by any chance the actual weight of the product differs from the weight written on the packet, it becomes a source of disgrace for the business.

Customers may file complaints against your products and you will not be able to build a strong customer base.

5. Adequate management

Having a proper weighing and packaging system can help to manage your industry smoothly. You will have a proper record of all the balanced ingredients and raw materials. It will become easier to figure out the quality and quantity of the materials to increase the rate of production and make your business prosper.

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What are the main components of a weighing packaging machine?

Advanced equipment is equipped with modern technology to carry out the process of weighing and packaging seamlessly. Machines have Sensors, Conveyors, Automatic systems of Weighing, Nozzles, and Sealing mechanisms for packaging purposes.

However, the main essential components of a weighing packaging machine are:

  • Storage hopper
  • Feeding hopper
  • Weighing scale
  • Weighing hopper
  • Release gate
  • Releasing hopper

How does the weighing packaging machine work?

Seemingly, the working and functioning of the weighing packaging machine depends upon its type. But generally, almost all weighing systems work on the basic principle of feeding, weighing, loading, and packing to carry out the process of automatic packaging.

All the above-discussed components work together to perform the whole process by the following steps:

  1. When the storage hopper has adequate materials it enters the feeding device which works under gravity.
  2. Now comes the feeding stage where the material door fully opens to let the material sink in.
  3. When the material reaches the large feed weight the large material door closes and the process proceeds to the slow feeding stage.
  4. In the slow feeding stage, only a minor slit remains open through which material flows slowly to reach the desired weight of the final package.
  5. Now the feeding door completely closes and after some air suppression, the weighing hopper becomes stable.
  6. Finally, the material enters the discharge hopper through the unloading door after being clamped, and the materials fall into the bag, completing the packaging process.

For a detailed explanation of a weighing and packaging machine’s working mechanism, you can check out the link.

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Types of weighing packaging machines and their applications

Various types of weighing packaging machines are available in the market for the use of different industries. Different types of materials require distinct weighing systems to meet the demand for packaging in different industries. Here we will be discussing different varieties of weighing packaging machines available for applications in different fields.

1. Linear weighing machine

Linear weighing machines are manufactured especially to measure accurately and dispense the granular, loose, and minute pieces of products such as rice, grains, beans, nuts, candies, and many other similar products. Linear machines weigh precise portioning of products and are applicable in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Their versatility, accuracy, and high speed make them suitable for products that include different types and sizes of particles.

2. Combination weighing machine

Combination weighing machines are a combination of linear and radial feeders. Industries dealing with products and items of multiple characteristics like frozen food items, and snacks are more viable to use these kinds of weighing systems. Versatility, precision, and maximum efficiency make them applicable to multiple industries.

3. The Multihead weighing machine

A multihead weighing machine is a machine with multiple weigh hoppers to weigh the items. Apparently, these kinds of machines take up the bulk quantity of raw material and divide them equally into smaller volumes. They are applicable for food and non-food products and provide precision and accuracy with maximum speed.

4. Volumetric fillers

Volumetric fillers are used for measuring volumes rather than weight. They are used in packaging machines of industries dealing with liquids, pastes, or any other free-flowing material. They measure the exact volume of the material to be filled in the bottle or packet and carry out the process of packaging the same as other packaging machines.

5. Bagging machines with weighing system

These kinds of machines pack the material in a bag and are used by industries that deal with packing material in bulk quantities like grains, fertilizers, and other granular/powder items.

Bagging machines with weighing scale performs a double action by accurately feeding the material in the bag as per the fixed requirement and providing high-quality precision.

6. Counting scales weighing machine

The counting scale’s weighing system counts the items to be filled in the packet or bag rather than weighing. Counting scale settings are made as per the requirement and then the machine fills the desired count in the bottle or bag. These kinds of machines are applicable in pharmaceutical industries to pack medicines and pills and in hardware manufacturing industries for packing small hardware parts.

Factors to consider while choosing a weighing packaging machine

By far you must have an idea of how the weighing system on packaging machines works and what are its different types and benefits to use in several industries. Now you should know why it is essential to get a weighing packaging machine for your industry.

However, choosing a weighing system is not as simple as to incorporate it into the packaging machinery line. There are many considerations to contemplate before making a decision and investment. Many factors play a crucial role in making the equipment choice. And considering all these factors will help you get the right equipment for your industry. For instance, we will be discussing some general factors and then material-specific factors to let you have a detailed overview to choose the best weighing packaging machine for your industry.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or someone looking to advance his packaging game, these factors will help you select the perfect one!

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General Considerations

These are some general factors that are essential in making a choice for the right weighing packaging machine regardless of the material or product your business deals with.

● Precision and Accuracy

The main purpose of getting your work automated by a machine is to achieve high precision with greater accuracy. Similarly, when searching for an automatic weighing packaging machine the foremost factor to consider is precision and accuracy. How precisely a weighing packaging machine is able to weigh the materials and how accurate it is in its functions?

● Production and Speed Requirement

If you are a large-scale industry, then you should invest in a fully automatic weighing packaging machine to meet your daily production demand. Since you require a high production rate, speed is also very important to consider as the main factor.

The greater the speed of the machine  the higher will be the production rate.

Small-scale industries may compromise on speed and it will not be a wise decision to spend a hefty amount for a small-scale production. Therefore, always look out for machines as per your needs and demands to avoid any extra or useless expenditure.

● Integration

Integration is also a fundamental factor to keep in mind before buying a weighing system. Especially if you are only opting for a weighing system for your already installed packaging line.

The weighing system that you wish to get should be able to properly integrate with the packaging machine of your industry so as to carry out the whole process of packaging seamlessly.

● Flexibility and Dimensions

Always opt for systems that allow you for certain adjustments. Although for a particular material type, there are particular machines designed to carry out proper functions. But it is always a plus point to be able to carry out certain adjustments when needed in the machine. Because the investment should be for the long run and not just confined to the present requirement. Dimensions of the machine should also be feasible enough to be easily adjusted with the packaging line.

● Compatibility

Make sure that the parts and components of the machine you choose are compatible with the materials you intend to use in your machines. Because there are certain materials that can bring out corrosion or are prone to cause a build-up, especially in food packaging industries. Therefore, opt for corrosion-resistant parts and check out for material compatibility with the machine to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

● Ease of Handling and Cleaning

Try to select machines with simple operations! Getting a complex won’t help you for the better but only will become a source of trouble for your industry and employees. Hence, always look for machines that are easy to handle and operate. Cleaning is an important factor to make the best use of the machine in the long run. Therefore, select a machine that has easily cleanable parts so that it does not require extra effort or service for cleaning.

● Regulations and Maintenance

Maintenance is the key to keeping your machine working efficiently for a longer period of time. It is also essential to keep up with the industry standards and regulations.

Hence, select a machine supplier that is able to provide you with regular maintenance and also opt for a machine that meets your industry standards and regulations. Key Considerations for Liquids Apart from the general considerations that are essential for any equipment you intend to buy, there are other factors that are material-specific. Below we have discussed the factors that are necessary to explore while selecting a weighing packaging system for liquids.

● Viscosity

Viscosity plays a very crucial role in choosing a type of machine. Because every liquid has its own characteristics, weighing and packaging machines are designed to meet those requirements.

Therefore, choose a machine that is able to meet the requirements of your liquid material.

● Container Type

Selection of your container type is also critical as it helps determine the machine to be

used for specific liquids. Is it a bottle, bag, or any other type? Some machines are only capable

of handling specific container types. Know your needs before opting for the machine.

● Capacity

The ability to set a specific volume of the liquid to be filled in the given capacity is another critical feature to consider. This factor is important to consider because you need a machine that can easily be set up with a specific volume of the liquid & filled in a given capacity with accuracy.

● Flow Metering

Flow metering is essential for handling liquids of different viscosities. These meters help

determine the specific volumes of different liquids to be filled.

● Incorporation of nozzles

For handling liquids, the use of nozzles is very beneficial in the filling process. Incorporation of different nozzles can make the whole process of filling smooth and precise. Here you can find a detailed guide to choosing a liquid filling machine.

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Key considerations for granules

Granular products like coffee beans, fertilizers, nuts, snacks, and other similar items require special consideration when being packed. Therefore, selecting weighing packaging machines for granules needs special thought. Some important considerations for selecting a good scale packaging machine for granules are:

● Production Capacity

Production capacity will help you choose the right equipment for your industry. Machines able to meet your capacity should be your choice.

● Production Type

The type of production also matters as it will help you select the perfect fit for your industry. Dealing with sacks or small packets, each and every factor counts to bring out the best for industry and business.

● Material and Bag Dimensions

Certain machines are capable of handling specific dimensions. Material characteristics also matter to achieve the precision and seamless packaging process.

● Dynamical System

Machines should be able to change the dynamics when needed as it is essential for granular products. It should be able to work with mechanical and pneumatic dynamics.

● Multihead Weighers

Multihead weighers are ideal for granular products as they evenly distribute the particles and fill the bags with high speed and accuracy according to the preset value.

Key considerations for powder

Powdered products like all-purpose flour, baking essentials, powder medicines, detergents, and many other items require special consideration. Therefore, if your industry is dealing with powdered materials then you should be aware of the following factors before getting equipment.

● Powder properties

Select the machine by keenly understanding the properties of your powdered products. Different powder materials have different properties. Some can flow easily, some may be clumpy, or some dusty. Hence, look out for your powder material properties before selecting a machine.

● Net weigh fillers

Net weigh fillers are more suitable for powdered products as they are a great weighing system in a packaging machine to measure the exact weight of powder material without any contamination or mixing.

● Production volume

Production volume also decides the machine to be selected. Is the production on a large scale like filling of sacks of flour of 50kgs or is it on a smaller scale like filling of small packets of some milligrams?


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How to choose the right supplier for the machine?

Selecting a machine is a complex task but selecting a manufacturer for getting a machine, is in itself a lot more challenging. Everyone available in the market claims to be the best. But not everyone available is reliable as well.

We value your business, money, as well as your time. Therefore, the below context will help you determine the right supplier for your equipment needs. Because there are numerous available in the market to spam you; we are here to guide you with the best of our knowledge and experience.

Just to make sure that you have chosen the right supplier, check for the answers to the following questions and you will be good to go.

Do they manufacture their own machines?

This question is very crucial to understand the reliability of the manufacturer. If the company is manufacturing its own machines and equipment then they are more likely to be reliable as compared to a middleman. An incorporation of a middleman often creates an environment of confusion and doubt. Suppliers that have their own production line are capable of dealing with all of your equipment-related queries and are most likely to solve any technical issue if it arises post-sale.

Are they offering any service plan or support after the purchase?

Buying directly from the manufacturing company gives you an advantage of customer support and service even after the purchase. Whereas getting a machine from a middleman will not give you such a perk. Only a machine manufacturing company can provide good customer support and service even after the purchase. It is essential because a lot of queries and technical problems may arise after the fixation of machines in the industry. Therefore, always look out for companies that are offering customer support and service plans post-sale.

Are they new in the market or not?

Always look out for experienced manufacturers and sellers from well-established companies working in the field for years. The newcomers lack experience which is the foremost thing when dealing with equipment and machines. Experienced ones are aware of almost all of the pros and cons and are able to understand the client’s demands more proficiently whereas newcomers will lack it.

Do they provide customization?

Manufacturers must be able to bring out certain customization if required or needed by the client. It saves a lot of money and provides benefits in the long run. Hence, manufacturers offering customization upon your request should be your top most choice when choosing the right supplier of the weighing packaging machine.

What are their delivery and post-sale maintenance facilities?

Maintenance is the key for any machine to work efficiently for a longer period of time. Apart from self-maintenance, professional maintenance is also crucial. Thus, make sure your supplier or company is able to provide all these facilities on time when needed. Also, look out if the facilities are available for only city industries or if they can manage it out of the city as well in case your industry is located out of the supplier’s city. XYZ filling machine has the answers to all of the above questions and we are one most reliable companies you will ever come across. We supply what you demand and therefore we are the best choice for your machinery equipment. For Free Consultation and Queries, you can reach out to us anytime.


We hope that this article has provided you with the best knowledge and guide on choosing a proper weighing system and perfect weighing packaging machine for different kinds of products like liquids, granules, and powder.

It is crucial to understand these factors before making an investment. Because the market is full of various machines and advanced technologies. But the only machine that will work best for you is the machine that meets your requirements and provides you with efficient results of high precision and accuracy.

Simultaneously, it benefits your business in the long run!

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