How Does a Can Sealing Machine Work?


Are you always in search of fresh and good quality products with their original flavors and tastes in the market? Well, it is a challenging task to keep the goodies and beverages fresh after their manufacturing until they reach the market and ultimately the customer. But not anymore! Can sealing machines be here to have this challenge. Only an air-tight canned package can preserve the freshness of the beverage or a food product for a long time. Hence, Can sealing came into existence and became advanced with the sealing technology. Can sealing preserve the freshness and taste of your day-to-day cookie, give you a refreshing taste of your favorite drink, and give you the taste of fresh fruits, vegetables long after their production. Thus, the following article will help you learn about Can sealers, their working mechanism magic, and their numerous advantages in the industries. Let us explore some amazing features of can sealing technology.

What Is A Can Sealer?

A can sealer is a machine that uses modern technology to seal pack the products, which are packed in tin cans. For example: beverages, preserved food items, fruits, oils, chemicals, etc.

The main motive of the Can sealing machine is to maintain the freshness of the filled products and protect its contact with the external environment. Products that are likely to be spoiled or rotten are packed in tin cans to preserve their freshness and increase their shelf life.

Consequently, the customer gets the fresh item when he opens the can even after several days of manufacturing.

After filling the products, the cans start moving towards the sealer in a way that the product inside doesn’t move or come in contact with the outer environment. Hence, to avoid any damage and preserve the freshness. In this way, the whole packaging and sealing process remains aseptic and the Automatic Can sealer or a Can sealing machine carries out the process smoothly.

How Does A Can Sealing Machine Work?

Can sealing machines work wonders by creating an Air-tight seal and keeping the goodies fresh for a longer period? Ever wondered how? Well, here you go, Can sealing machines use a combination of pressure, force, and heat? All these three things work together to bring out the remarkable sealing process.

Here is a stepwise explanation of how these machines work.

1. Placement of lid

Firstly, the process includes placement of a filled can in the machine where a lid or a cap is positioned on to the top of a filled can.

2. Positioning of can

Secondly, the most important part is the Can positioning. It’s the most crucial step as the freshness of the goodies depends upon it. After the lid placement, the machine then precisely places the Can under it – to apply mechanical forces and pressure.

3. Sealing

Finally the main function of the machine. As sealing will depend upon the type of can or the machine used, it can occur by the following methods:

-Roller method: Can sealing machines that are working on a Roller Mechanism use the roller method to seal the can. Rollers equipped in the machine, apply the pressure on the lid and form an airtight seal. Some machines also heat the rollers to achieve better adhesion.

-Induction method: Some of the Can sealing machines work on an induction mechanism in which Electromagnetic induction is used to carry out the sealing process. The inside of the can lid or cap is a foil liner; electromagnetic induction heats that foil liner which then forms a tight bond with the rim forming an airtight seal upon temperature reduction.

-Vacuum method: The machine using the vacuum method removes all the air from the container and then caps the Can, keeping it free of external contamination and intact its freshness.

4. Temperature Reduction

After sealing, the cans move toward the cooling station where the machine reduces the can’s temperature.

5. Analysis

Lastly, the machine inspects the sealed cans to rule out any damaged seals or cans and ensures the product quality and sealing.

What Are The Major Components Of A Can Sealer?

Can sealing machine consists of various components that work in harmony to create the magic of sealing. However, the components may vary according to the type of machine and the manufacturer. But, the key components of the can-sealing machine are the same for almost all can-sealing equipment. Here we will be discussing the general components that a Can sealing technology must have.

These components are as follows:

1. Conveyor system

A conveyor system is accountable for transferring the filled cans to the other systems. Its main responsibility is to maintain the position of the cans and keep them aligned.

2. Lid dispenser

A lid dispenser has the function of placing lids on the filled cans. It is responsible for placing the caps accurately on the cans for sealing.

3. Sealing plate

The main part of the can sealing machine is the sealing plate. In which the main function of the machine comes into action. Its function is to apply mechanical forces and pressure to create an airtight seal. Particularly contain sensors and a control system to manage the process of sealing. It may use rollers, an induction mechanism, or a vacuum mechanism to seal the aluminum cans.

4. Temperature reduction station

As the cans are coming after the heat application from the sealing head, it becomes necessary to cool them. Therefore, a cooling station is present where sealed cans instantly reduce their temperatures to avoid any heat damage.

5. Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts have the most crucial function, without this, the sealing machines may suffer from hindrances in the process of sealing. These belts are responsible for transporting the cans to different stations to complete the process of sealing.

6. Control panels

Control panels hold the function for operators. Operators use a control panel to feed instructions into the machine as required. Many machines have touchscreen panels for easy operation & assistance.

7. Machine frame and structure

The machine framework is usually made of stainless steel to provide proper support to the working stations. Moreover, the design of the structure is well-enclosed to avoid any noise pollution or contamination.

8. Safety features

To ensure the safety in a Can sealing technology, advanced levels of Safety features are embedded such as emergency stop buttons, guards, and sensors to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

Different Types Of Can Sealing Equipment

There are multiple types of can-sealing equipment available in the market. Each type is used for specific applications in the industries. However, some basic types of Can sealers are:

● Manual Can sealing machines

Manual Can seal machines or hand-operated sealing equipment is the type that is completely operated by an operator. It uses a mechanism of thermal conduction- which heats the sealing element and fuses the lid with the container by using electrical resistance.

These are suitable for small-scale production or by someone who has occasional work of sealing.

● Semi-Automatic Can sealing machines

These machines are suitable for businesses that have minimum to low production as the cans are placed manually and the sealing process is automatic.

It reduces time and improves the efficiency of the production. The sealing is perfectly airtight and the machine can handle variable shapes and sizes of the cans.

● Fully Automatic Can sealing machines

Fully automatic can sealing machines, as the name suggests are completely automated. Every function from start to end is done by the machine and the operator only uses the control panels to manage the instructions given to the machine. In particular, most suitable for industries with high production rates like juices, syrups, beverages, jams, and other such items. The machine is able to seal multiple cans at a time with efficiency and accuracy.

● Double seam can sealing machines

High volume production beverage industry mostly uses this kind of can-sealing machine. The canned beverages require double sealing from the top and the bottom as well to prevent any leakage and ensure the freshness of the beverage.

Other than beverages, any industry requiring double sealing will need this double-seam can sealer to make the process of sealing efficient and hassle-free.

Main Advantages And Functions Of A Can-Sealing Machine

Can sealers are important because they maintain the freshness of the food and beverage by creating an air-tight seal and protecting them from spoilage for a longer duration. Below we will be discussing the main functions and advantages that a Can sealer technology can provide the industry.

● Efficient production

Applying technology to the industry increases the efficiency of the overall production. Similarly, sealing technology also helps in efficient production and increases the quality of the material.

● Speed and accuracy

Can sealing machine is capable of sealing multiple cans, jars, tins, and other such containers in a short time with perfection. The use of machines helps increase the speed of production and ensures precision.

● Shelf life extension

Can sealing technology is in demand as it extends the product’s shelf life and keeps it free of spoilage for a longer period by keeping it free of contamination from the external environment.

● Ensures product freshness

Can sealing technology is used by food and beverage industries to maintain the quality, flavor, color, and taste of their products. It creates a positive impression on the customer and ultimately leads to more sales.

● Sustainable

Another advantage of the Can sealing machines is that they provide sustainability in a way that they reduce the layering of extra packaging. Moreover, the reduction in the rate of spoilage helps in the long term for the manufacturers in cost saving and reduces wastage.

● Eye-catching packaging

Tin can packaging is eye-catching as it attracts customers. Customers have the satisfaction of product freshness and intact flavors. Therefore, canned products are more popular and in demand in the market than others.

● Safety and hygiene maintenance

Air-tight containers ensure product safety and hygiene. As they are packed in a high-quality control environment hygiene and safety are paramount.

● Customization

Moreover, above all advantages of using can sealing technology, one also has variable options in the machine as the machine can be customized for various sizes and materials.

Applications Of A Can-Sealing Machine

Applications of can sealing technology and equipment are vast. As the demand for canned products increases, their use in industries becomes the need for the moment. We are sharing some practical applications of can-sealing machines in the following industries.

● Food

Can sealing machines are applicable in the food industry as they maintain the freshness of preserved fruits, vegetables, cooked meals, pet food, etc. Therefore, it is essential in the food industry, especially for businesses dealing with canned products.

● Beverage

The beverage industry maintains its popularity among customers due to its canned products. As the canned and bottled drinks are sealed, the customers get the ultimate freshness and quality flavor after opening them. Therefore almost all types of Can sealing machines are applicable in beverage industries.

● Chemical

Can sealers are required in the chemical industry for sealing certain oils, chemicals, paints, and other such items as they are highly subjected to change their composition when they are in contact with the external environment?

Therefore, to maintain the integrity of the material – it is essential to pack them airtight. Hence the use of can sealers become evident in chemical industries.

● Cosmetics

In the cosmetic industry, Can sealers help in sealing certain skincare products, lotions, and creams to maintain their composition and texture and keep them free of contamination.

Can Sealing Equipment Available At Xyz Machinery

XYZ Machinery specializes in manufacturing quality machines of various types. A wide range of machines and equipment are available here. Regarding can sealing equipment, XYZ filling machinery has a variety of can sealing machines equipped with advanced technology. You can check out the can sealing machines available at XYZ Machinery.

The main advantages of the can sealing machine manufactured by XYZ machinery are:

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Versatile and flexible, able to handle different sizes
  • Improved efficiency with reduced labor load
  • Reliable quality and easy operations
  • Applicable for multiple sizes   


Can sealing technology has produced a remarkable impact on the industrial growth and market. The need for advancement and innovation in packaging has now become necessary to meet the customer’s needs and requirements. Can sealers provide a perfect solution for producing innovative packaging. As the industries and technology continue to advance, the Can sealing machine also becomes more adaptable to deal with quality packaging across different industries.

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