Economy Handheld Capping Machine

Handheld Capping Machine


A hand-held capping machine is mainly used for the screwcap to tighten and loosen. Easy to carry, which can be easily used to tighten or loosen the cap. Its adjustable clutch (readjustment) can effectively avoid the cap damage and reduce the wear and tear of the internal plug once the cap is tightened chuck to stop spinning, showing that you can be the next cap operation. Capping work applicable to a variety of high-strength bottle caps apply to the cap direct range of 10-50 mm, a single production capacity of up to 30-90 bottles/min.


1, It’s suitable for capping different sizes, shape caps;
2, Adopt a high-quality copper motor, start fast, electric is small;
3, Jogging capping, operated manually, easy to control;
4, Structure is beautiful, it’s comfortable to grip, and can work for a long time.
5, Structure is compact and easy to bring.
6, The alloy gear torque has high precision and high stability, and long service life.
7, Whale vent design, fast cooling, low temperature rise, ensuring continuous operation
8, Overload protection, internal double insulation, safe and reliable

More Details

Driven type: Electric
Voltage : 220V 50Hz /110/60Hz
Powder: 50W
Available caps diameter: 10-50mm (can be customized)
Twisting force: 5-25kg
Working speed About : 30 -60 bottle/min(it also depends on worker’s operation speed)
Package size: 45*18*13cm
Gross weight: 2.5kg

What cap diameters could be worked by handheld capping machine?

The normal standard is 1-5cm caps. We could customize special capping heads for you.

What is leading time of handheld capping machine?

It in stock, and could be shipped 1-2 days.

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