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We specialize in various filling machines manufacturing, and there is always one to meet your needs!

  • Filling nozzles
  • PLC
  • Touch screen
  • Motor
  • Sensor
  • Pneumatic Cylinder
  • Filling nozzles
  • PLC
  • Touch screen
  • Motor
  • Sensor
  • Pneumatic Cylinder

Important Parts On Filling machine

On each filling machine, There are some main and important parts. I list them here, so that you could

clean know them.

  • Filling nozzles
  • PLC
  • Touch screen
  • Motor
  • Sensor
  • Cylinder

Filliing Machine Customized

XYZ MACHINERY has systematic filling machine manufacturing customization capabilities. We provide bottle type customization, size customization, logo customization, special material customization, material customization, and other related customization services.

Filling machines are widely used, and the needs of filling machines in each field are different. This requires the manufacturers who provide you with filling machines to have super customization capabilities. XYZ MACHINERY is the filling machine manufacturer with this ability.

Please get in touch and let us know any of your filling machine requirements, and we will let you know how XYZ machinery can meet your needs.

Filling Machine Manufactured By Material

For different materials, we do have suitable machines to meet your demand. Please refer to the main filling machine for different materials.

Powder filling machine

Usage: Spice bottle filling, flour filling, milk powder filling, chili powder filling, and other powder fillings…

Granule filling machine

Granule filling machine is applied to fill different nuts, seeds, and other granules into pre-made pouches and plastic bags.

Paste filling machine

A paste-filling machine could be used for filling different liquids and viscosity liquids into bottles and jars.

liquid filling machine

The liquid filling machine is professional for filling different liquids into bottles, which have high filling speed and quality.

Essential oil filling machine

Usage: Essential oil filling, perfume filling, ampoule filling, vial filling, liquid medical filling…

coffee capsule filling machine

As the coffee capsule is more and more popular, coffee capsule filling machine is important and hot sale.

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Filling Machine For Different Container

For different containers, we could customize different machines to finish the whole filling work.

Feature Of Filling Machine


Safe operation: Our filling machines are equipped with a mature safety system, which can stop the machine in time before danger occurs. In machine production, all materials used are food-grade, which can well ensure food production safety.


Each filling machine has a humanized design, Controlled system is PLC and touch screen. No bottles not filling. After each filling, the machine will automatically store the data. When you use it next time, could directly start the machine.


Each part is connected by a quick-connector, which could easily take off and moved for cleaning. No need for special tools to install and maintain the machine.


We are an original factory and could do Mass production, which let us have a lower budget than traders and other small suppliers. For each machine, we could directly provide the factory price.

High Accuracy Filling

Among the functions of all filling machines, we place the most emphasis on filling accuracy. From the first filling machine produced by XYZ MACHINERY, our engineering team has been working on the improvement and research, and development of filling accuracy and achieved good results. For general semi-automatic filling machines, the accuracy of our filling machines can reach 0.5ml. For fully automatic filling production lines, especially for small bottle filling, we can achieve 0.1ml filling accuracy.

High filling accuracy can help our customers to produce perfect products. For some expensive filling materials, high-precision filling is very important.

High filling precision
High speed filling

High Speed Filling With High Quality

For filling equipment, it is very easy to simply increase the production speed. But it is not easy to ensure the filling quality under high-speed filling.

Our fully automatic filling machine can ensure that each bottle of material is perfectly filled under high-speed operation, Which thanks to some important components we use on the filling machine:

  • Motor: The motor is the guarantee of speed. The motor used on our filling machine has strong power and endurance, which can perfectly guarantee continuous high-speed work;
  • Conveyor belt: The high-quality stainless steel conveyor link used by our filling machine can ensure the smooth and high-speed operation of the bottle;
  • Sensor: The photoelectric sensor on the filling machine has high sensitivity and can quickly and accurately identify each bottle.

The Reasons To Choose Our Filling Machine


Since the establishment of the company, Tongyuan Machinery has been spending a lot of time, manpower, and financial resources on researching and upgrading various filling machines. It is this attitude of excellence that has brought us many high-quality customers. Our engineers will take every customer’s needs seriously, and repay customers’ trust in us by manufacturing the perfect filling machine.


In terms of filling machines, we have a wide range of products. The filling machines produced are used in different fields. Each piece of equipment has obtained international quality certification and has also been recognized by customers. Our team will continue to produce better, more economical, and more efficient filling machines based on this.

Representative Case Of Filling Machine

apple juice
Apple Juice Production Case

When you buy a bottle of apple juice, will you consider how dose they be procured? Although the filling machine is just a section of the whole production, it takes an important role. Here are the exact production steps of bottles of juice

  • Apple clean: Using apply cleaning machine
  • Apple dry: Using a dryer
  • Squeeze the apple: Using a vegetable squeeze machine
  • Filter: Double filter
  • UHT sterilize:UHT system
  • Storage: Big volume storage tank
  • Bottling: XYZ juice filling machine, bottles capping machine and bottles labeling machine
  • Packaging: Carton box packaging machine or Films packaging machine
Mineral water
Mineral Water Production Step

A simple bottle of mineral water will go through multiple production processes. Many people are working hard to produce this bottle of water. Please save water resources, thank you.

  • Find a source of water
  • Primary Filtration: Water Treatment System
  • Secondary Filtration: Water Treatment System
  • Tertiary Filtration: Water Treatment System
  • Sterilization: UV sterilization
  • Storage: storage tank
  • Bottling: Mineral Water Filling Machine, Labeling machine
  • Packaging: Packaging machine
Face Cream Productsion Step
  • Raw material mixing: Mixing and heating tank
  • Emulsification stirring: Emulsifica tank
  • Homogeneous emulsification: Homogenizer
  • Vacuum stirring: Vacuum mixing tank
  • Cool down: Cooling tank
  • Precipitation: Loading tank
  • Bottling: Jar filling machine, jar capping machine, jar labeling machine
  • Packaging machine: Carton box packaging machine
Carbonated beverage
Carbonated Beverage Productsion Step
  • Water treatment: Water treatment system
  • Sterilization: UV sterilization machine
  • Melting sugar: Sugar melting tank
  • Deployment: Mixing tank
  • Carbon dioxide mixer: Carbon dioxide machine
  • Store: Stainless steel tank
  • Filling: Carbonated beverage filling machine, cans sealing machine, cans labeling machine
  • Packaging: Automatic film wrapping machine
Machine progressing
Filling Machine Production Experts Around You

4000㎡ specialized production factory & 30 top R&D personnel in the industry & 25 experienced sales staff & 3 sets of raw material processing centers & Two intelligent production lines

Filling Machine Factory Overview

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Learn More About Filling Machines

How to maintain filling machine

Maintenance cycle:

  • Routine maintenance: after each end of production, shut down the machine system, clean the inside of the machine, and check whether there are loose parts and screws;
  • Periodic maintenance: Arrange technicians to conduct a systematic inspection of the equipment every week, and record the operating status of the machine;
  • Annual inspection: cooperate with us to complete the online inspection of the machine every year, and replace all wearing parts.

Replacement parts:

  • Filling mouth
  • Sealing ring
  • Photoelectric switch
  • The electromagnetic valve
  • Piston
Filling Machine classification

According to filling materials

  • Liquid filling machine: using piston metering
  • Powder filling machine: accurate filling of powder materials through screw metering
  • Granule filling machine: use high-precision weighing scales to weigh and fill material

According to the working principle

  • Self-flow filling machine: rely on the liquid’s own gravity and time to control the filling volume to complete the filling
  • Pressure filling machine: press the material into the bottle by forming a pressure difference
  • Isobaric filling machine: By creating an environment with equal pressure, the materials that are easy to foam are filled with isobaric pressure
How To Check And Accept A Filling Machine
  • It is required to take machine pictures and detailed pictures from different angles;
  • Sending a complete list of equipment and accessories
  • Taking a video of the simulated production
  • Recording some Packaging picture
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