Complete Progressing For How To Use The Cream Filling Machine After You Receive It.

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1, Introduction

When you read this article, it means that you already own or will soon own a cream-filling machine. The cream filling machine is a professional filling machine for face cream and lotion. Its economical price and compact size are favored by many customers. Xyz machinery has a wealth of production and sales of face cream filling machines. After summarizing many years of sales experience, we found that how to use the face cream filling machine perfectly has troubled many customers. So combined with our experience, we write this article to guide you on how to use a cream filling machine perfectly.

2, How to check the machine before using it

Usually, the cream filling machine is packaged in a strong wooden box. When you receive it, please check if there is any damage to the package. You could open the box until you confirm all are fine. Otherwise, please chat with the shipping company and your supplier to complain about the damaged package.

Wooden package of cream filling machine

After you take apart the package, please check the goods based on the packing list. Normally the package will include a machine body, material hopper, spare parts bags, a tools box, and some removed parts of the machine. Such as filing nozzles and pipes. Kindly check if there are any spare parts are damaged or missed.

packling list of cream filling machine

3, What goods need to be prepared before the installation

After you confirm all details, you could start to install the machine for working. Before installation, here are some goods that you need to prepare:

  • Some tools: We will free send installation tools, but it’s best to prepare some others, which could help you fast finish working;
  • Electric: 110V or 220V, single phase;
  • Air compressor: 0.6-0.8mpa air pressure could be ok;
  • Water: for testing machine;
  • A working table: for loading the machine
  • Some containers: for testing machine
  • Clean rag: polish the machine after testing
  • Your raw material
  • A small scale

Machine body of cream filling machine

4, How to install cream filling machine

Here are some exact steps for how to install a machine:

  • Filling nozzles install: The filling nozzles are connected with a quick connector. You should find the connect position and lose the quick connector. After connecting the filing nozzle to the machine, fasten the connector.

filling nozzles

  • Air dryer installation: This device is for drying air from an air compressor. Please fix the air dryer in a reserve position, then plug the air hose on the filling machine in the vent hole of the air dryer, and plug the air hose from an air compressor into the air intake of the air dryer.

Air dryer

  • Hopper installs: The material hopper also is connected with a quick connector.


  • Air Hose install: Before shipping, the whole air hose system has been connected. You only need to connect the air compressor hose to the machine and let the air into the machine.
Hose system of cream filling machine
  • Powder connect: We will match the right voltage and plug according to customer requirements. For each machine, we will match a high-quality power wire. After you install all details, just need to plug in the machine
5, How to test the machine
  • Power testing: after plugging the machine, please open the machine, to check if all signal light is working. So that you could ensure the machine is normally connected to an electric powder
  • Pneumatic parts testing: On the cream filling machine, the Main parts are driven by a pneumatic cylinder. So it’s important to test all pneumatic parts. After the fire opens the air switch, check if there is pressured air in the machine. Then press the foot-pedal switch to the work machine, to confirm if all cylinders working.
  • Working model testing: The cream filling machine has two working models. Semi-automatic model and automatic model. Working machines with two different models to check if they are working normally.
  • Filling speed testing: By adjusting different filling speeds to test if the machine could work and understand different speeds.
  • Filling volume testing: Set a volume by the volume adjustment handle. Then Continuous filling 10-20 times, and check each filling result. The filling accuracy should be controlled at 0.5-1g.
6, How to clean the machine

The machine is made of stainless steel, and the whole machine body could be cleaned with a rag. The material hopper, filling nozzles, and material cylinder all could be moveable. You could take apart them and clean them with water or professionally clean liquid.

Please notice:

  • Please cut off electric and air powder before cleaning
  • Please do not use hard clean tools to clean the machine
  • Please do not use a strong corrosion-cleaning liquid cleaning machine
7, Start production

When you finish all the above progress, you could pour your raw material into a hopper and start production for your business.

8, How to maintain the cream filling machine

Our cream filling machine has a stable working quality. It could keep a long time perfectly working. Here are some tips to maintain the machine during use:

& Keep dry working surrounding

& Keep cleaning machine after each working

& Check all quick connectors each week

& Check all nut screws each week

& Check All sealing rings each month



The correct use method is very important for the continuous healthy and perfect work of the filling machine. Hope the above method can help you when you use a cream filling machine. If you have other questions or have filling machine needs, please feel free to contact us.

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