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Various Professional date coding machines for your choice.

  • Printing sample (1)
  • Printing sample (2)
  • Printing sample (3)
  • Printing sample (4)
  • Printing sample (1)
  • Printing sample (2)
  • Printing sample (3)
  • Printing sample (4)

Example Of Coding Machine

The coding machine is like an assistance in the whole production plant. It’s mainly used for printing dates, series numbers, or some logos on products. Here are some main printing examples, please refer to them.

  • Plastic bags date coding
  • Plastic bottles coding
  • Cap coding
  • Glass bottles coding

Application Of Coding Machine

The date coding machine is the most commonly used auxiliary equipment in the production line. It can print production dates, product batch numbers, and even logos. The date printing machine is small in size, low in power consumption, and easy to operate. Often used in conjunction with labeling machines and capping machines.

Our company produces a variety of coding machines, for example, manual coding machines, handheld inkjet coding machines, ink coding machines used with assembly lines, and laser coding machines that are usually applied to some special materials, CO2 coding machines, and optical fibers inkjet coding machines. These devices can well meet your coding needs.

Coding Machine By Working Principle

  • Manual coding machine

    Manual coding machines could work with belts and also could work by handles. Convenient and economical.

  • inkjet coding machine

    Inkjet coding machine has high speed. It’s usually used in the complete filling lines.

  • Laser coding machine

    For some special materials, such as metal bottles. It needs to use a laser coding machine to code.

  • CO2 laser coding machine

    The CO2 laser coding machine is professional for glass bottles and some glass container coding.

Strong Point Of Coding Machine

Small Size
Small Size

All types of coding machines do not need big rooms to install.

low power consumption
Low Power Consumption

Electric type, low consumption.


One ink cartridge could print about 100000 times.

High Precision
High Precision

High-accurate printing head with advanced coding techniques. Any size could be coded

Inkjet Coding Head

Inkjet coding heads are the essential parts of the inkjet coding machine. It will influence the final coding rest. During use, it needs to clean the coding head after working. It has to clean with professional ink-cleaning liquid. If it takes a long time not cleaning it will stock the coding heads.

Ink heads
Ink Cartridge

Ink Cartridge

One ink cartridge could use 100000 times. The popular color is black. We also could provide other colors for you.  Our inkjet coding machine did not have model requirements for cartridges. The normal cartridge in the market could be worked by machine.

More Details Of Coding machine

Professional Coding Machine

What is shipping time of coding machine?

All coding machines are in stock and could be shipped immediately.

How to match coding machine with production line?

Please tell me your exact requirements, such as what is your coding productions, coding content, or others. We will recommend a suitable machine and teach you how to install it.

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