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Caring about all size caps, Producing all types of capping machines. XYZ MACHINERY, a professional capping machine manufacturer.

  • Scerw caps
  • Beer caps
  • Metal caps
  • Pump caps
  • Cans
  • Aluminum caps
  • T shape wine cork
  • Scerw caps
  • Beer caps
  • Metal caps
  • Pump caps
  • Cans
  • Aluminum caps
  • T shape wine cork

Main Bottles Caps We Could Do

We list some main types of caps in the market, for these caps, We all have machines to work them.

  • Plastic screw caps
  • Metal caps
  • Pump caps
  • Aluminum caps
  • Beer caps
  • T-shape wine cork
  • Can lids

Do You Really Know The Capping Machine?

Main parts of the capping system:

A capping system includes two machines, caps covering the engine, and a caps capping machine. Before capping, each cap will be automatically covered on bottles then, the capping machine will fasten them. One PLC and touch screen system control two machines. Easy to operate and adjust.

Capping principle:

  • Each capping machine is customized based on the features of the caps, then capping heads will rotary caps according to the principle of the cap. The capping power of capping heads could be adjusted according to the actual working situation. There is a sensor to induct bottles, No bottles not working. Fully automatically.

Different caps application:

  • Plastic screw caps: It’s popularly used for PET bottles. This type of cap is easily worked, a normal capping machine would work it.
  • Metal caps: Metal caps are widely used for food jars. Such as sauce jars, jam jars, and honey jars. Metal caps usually have a big size, which required the capping machine to have a big capping head. In order to solve it, we will customize a capping head for each metal cap. Another feature of metal caps is vacuum capping. For food jars, a good vacuum capping is vitally important. We have a semi-automatic vacuum capping machine and a full automatic capping machine to achieve it.
  • Pump caps: For some cleaning products, such as shampoo, cream, and detergent liquid, will use caps with a pump. As for pump caps capping, Because of its special structure, we will use a four-wheel capping machine that could perfectly work
  • Aluminum caps: aluminum caps main for wine bottles, which required a special aluminum caps capping machine to work it.
  • Beer caps: Beer caps have a different structure from other caps, which need to customize totally different capping heads for fastening beer caps.
  • T-shape wine cork: T shape cork is the main for wine bottles, and the capping machine for T shape cork is simple, But it’s important how to put T shape cork on bottles. We have an automatic corking machine system to finish it.
  • Cans sealing: cans sealing machine
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Main Product Categories Of Cappping Machine

Here are the main categories of our capping machine, you could find our capping machine in each category.

Bottles capping machine

Different type bottles, cans, jars capping machine could be found in here.

vacuum capping machine

Know more about vacuum capping machine

can sealing machine

Desktop can sealing machine with small size, it could work for various cans, and have economy price.

automatic can sealing machine

Professional can sealing machine, PLC and touch screen controlled, high speed.

handheld capping machine

Small size handheld capping machine, It’s suitable for different size caps. Easy to operate.

semi-automatic capping machine

Pick up a simple and economy manual capping machine for your productsion.

6 Products Found.

Perfect Point For Capping Machine

low energy consumption
Low Energy Consumption

Low energy consumption with big working capacity.

High speed
High speed

The caps covering machine and capping machine all have high speed.


The whole machine body and parts have high quality, which ensures long-time use.


Each capping head is driven by a big power motor, which ensures a powerful capping result.

Main Parts: Capping Head

Normal Capping head is four-wheel capping heads, which could work for different shape and size cap. It has a low price and wide usage. For some special size or caps shape, we will customize capping head for you.

Capping head
Capping motor

Main parts: Capping Motor

The capping motor is an important device on the capping machine, it provides power for each capping. Usually, a normal machine will use a stepping motor, for some special caps, we will use a servo motor that has high speed, big power, and capping accuracy.

Our Ability For Capping Machine

capping machine (1)
capping machine (2)

Each month, we produce 2000-3000 sets of capping machines in stock. We have strong production ability for capping machine. As for the customized machines, we could finish them within 10 days from order to shipping.

Do You Know How To Fasten These Caps?

Bottles (1)
Cpas For Hand Gel Bottles

We could find many pump caps like this. There is a tube on the caps, it’s also a technical point for the capping machine. For this type of cap, we will do a mechanical gripper to catch the tube and put it in bottles, then use a bottle capping machine to fasten it.

Bottles (3)
Jars Caps Capping

Jars caps need to use single heads capping machine to work. It needs to customize big capping heads. Besides this, it also needs to add a vacuum function on capping heads. During capping, the vacuum working will be finished.

Bottles (2)
E-liquid Bottles Capping

E-liquid bottle caps have a special shape. The normal capping head is flat and couldn’t work for protruding part of E-liquid bottle caps. In order to solve this, we need to customize a conical capping head to match protruding part of e-liquid caps, so that it could be perfectly worked.

Machine (2)
Different Solution Is Provided For Capping Machine

We care about your all-size caps. For Big, small, high, and short caps, we do have the ability to provide a perfect capping machine to you.

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Know More About Capping Machine

Here are some popular questions for capping machines. Please refer to them for your project. If need more details, please contact us now.

What parts need to be customized on capping machine

It only needs to customize the capping machine for some special caps. Normal caps, it no need any customization. Because the capping machine is flexible.

What parts is flexible on capping machine?
  • Capping heads: You could use different diameter capping heads for your capping machine.
  • Machine height: It could adjust capping the head height based on different bottles size.
  • Belt width: Belt width could be customized according to different bottles size.
High capping accuracy for our capping machine

The high capping accuracy of a capping machine is reflected in the caps covering rate and fastening result. For one caps covering machine, we use advanced sensors to induct caps, which ensures each cap could be perfectly put on bottles. On capping machine, no caps not working, whole system are full automatic.

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