• bucket filling machine (1)
  • bucket filling machine (2)
  • bucket filling machine (4)
  • bucket filling machine (5)
  • bucket filling machine (6)
  • bucket filling machine (1)
  • bucket filling machine (2)
  • bucket filling machine (4)
  • bucket filling machine (5)
  • bucket filling machine (6)

Bucket filling machine

Main features of bucket filling machine

  • PLC & Touch screen controlled
  • Multi-measuring system provide
  • Full automatic, automatically adjustment
  • Big filling volume 1-20L
  • Flexible, suitable for working different size and shape bucket

Application of bucket filling machine

The bucket filling machine has advanced filling technology and adopts weighing measurements to ensure accurate filling. The barrel filling machine is widely used in liquid fertilizer filling and automobile cleaning liquid filling and is suitable for various viscous and non-viscous materials. It is easy to operate and can be used together with the barrel capping machine and barrel labeling machine.

Technical Parameters

VOLTAGE 110V/220/380/, customized based on your requirements
Filling volume 1-20L
SPEED It depends on different volume
Suitable container Bucket

Core components


Automatic Weighting System

In order to ensure high filling precision for the big buckets, We use an advanced weighting system on the bucket filling machine, which has an accurate measure principle, and easy to adjust the filling volume on a touch screen.

PLC Controlling System

A good PLC system could ensure the perfect performance of the machine. We could use different brand PLC systems based on your requirements.


Material Pumping System

For different materials, we will use different types of pumps. Usually, the rotor pump, gear pump, piston pump, and liquid pump are widely used. These pumps could work for different thicknesses of materials.

More Feature Of Bucket Filling Machine

High Efficient
CIP system
Automatic Alarm system
Big power pure copper motor
Whole SUS machine body
CE certificate
ISO quality certificate
GMP certificate

More Details Of Bucket Filling Machine

Drawing Download

Bucket Filling Machine

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Dose one machine fill 1-20L?

One machine can fill 1-20L at the same time. However, due to the large difference in the size of 1-20L containers, it is necessary to customize the filling nozzle and conveyor belt.

How to fill foaming liquid?

Usually treats materials that are easy to foam, such as cleaning liquids, liquid fertilizers, etc, we will customize two parts to solve this problem.
1, Customize Long filling nozzles to do diving filling.
2, Add a self-sucking tube to suck foam during filling.
3, Controlled filling speed, set Segmented filling, different stages with different speeds.

How many measuring way of bucket filling machine?

& Weighing and filling: electronic scale weighing and measuring;
& Flowmeter: Measured by a flowmeter, mainly used for semi-viscous materials such as edible oil;
& Piston metering: Servo motor pushes the piston metering.

What kind pump will be used on bucket filling machine?

& Rotor pump: suitable for relatively viscous materials containing particles.
& Piston pump: suitable for viscous materials, such as honey.
& Gear pump: suitable for semi-viscous materials, such as cream, etc.
& Self-priming pump: suitable for materials with relatively good fluidity.

What is leading time of bucket filling machine?

20-25 working days.

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