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Some Labeling Case For Bottles Labeling machine

Please check these bottle labeling cases and pick up one for your container.

How Much Do You Know About Bottle Labeling Machines?

The Bottle labeling machine is the most significant type of labeling machine. It’s professional for working with different bottles type containers. Such as glass bottles, round bottles, square bottles, cans, and others. For these bottles, labeling machines have special techniques to work them and can accurately stick each label on them. One device could work with different sizes and shapes of bottles. All could be adjusted based on actual bottles. Besides this, our bottle labeling machine has high speed with a low economy.

Main Bottle Labeling Machine

Please refer here main bottle labeling machine and share your requirements with us. We will do a suitable solution for you.

Round bottle labeling machine

Usage: All round bottles

Suitable bottles diameter: 30-120mm

can labeling machine

Usage: Cans shrinking labeling

Suitable labeling cans diameter: Customized

glue labeling machinie

Usage: Gluing paper labeling

Feature: High speed and wide application

Double side labeling machine

Usage: Front and back labeling

Feature: Flexible and economy price

Square bottle labeling machine

Usage: Square bottle labeling

Merits: Small size, easy to operate

Desktop labeling machine

Usage: Small bottles and vials

Suitable working bottles diameter: 3-100mm

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Easy Installation
Labeling machine (2)
Easy To Use
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Applicable To Various Labels
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Mass Production

Paper Labels Labeling

Paper labels are mainly used on cans. Such as canned tuna, canned ketchup, and other canned products. The paper labels couldn’t self-stick on cans, which ask the labeling machine must glue before labeling. The gluing labeling machine is professional for paper label labeling. It has two systems, one is a gluing system and another is a labeling system. Based on these two functions, paper labels could be perfectly worked by gluing labeling machines. Besides this, gluing labeling machines also have high speed.

mineral water bottles

Plastic Labels Labeling

Plastic labels are widely used for pet bottled beverages and mineral water production. Plastic labels also not is self-stick labels. But the plastic labels could shrink under high temperatures. Based on this principle, a shrinking labeling machine is made. It’s professional for plastic labels. The shrinking labeling machine could cut plastic labels one by one, then put them on bottles’ bodies. There is a heating tunnel that will shrink labels with high temperate.

Self-Stick Labels Labeling

Compared with paper and plastic labels, self-stick labels are the most simple labeling. Because it’s self-stick and could stick on bottles automatically, no need to do other progress. The labeling machine only needs to separate labels from the labels roller and stick them on bottles. This label is normal labels and the machine for self-stick labels is simple and economical.

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Our Confidence For Bottle Labeling Machine

labeling machine (2)
labeling machine (1)

Each month we could produce about 2000-3000 sets of bottle labeling machines. For some customized machines, such as the can labeling machine, shrinking labeling machine, and double-side labeling machines, we only need one day from confirming the drawing to starting production.  All technical is very mature and we do have strong confidence for our every customer.

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Strong Ability To Stick Each Labels On Bottles

Our bottle labeling machine has been tested by time and our customers. We will keep Gain experience and produce better labeling machines.

More Labeling Machine Details

Main Question For Bottle Labeling Machine

What kind bottles could be worked?

All types of bottles could be worked by our machine. For some special bottles, we could customize the machine for you.

Dose could work transparent labels?

Yes, For transparent labels, we could use a special sensor to finish working.

What is labeling speed of your labeling machine?

For a normal labeling machine, the speed is about 50-70 BPM, for a shrinking labeling machine, the speed could arrive at 100-150 BPM.

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