Bottle Labeling Machine: 10 Key Factors To Consider Before Buying It From China

Labeling is one of the most crucial parts of packaging for any industry as it is one of the first things that attracts its customers. Products increase their ratio of catching attention by having appealing labels. Therefore, if you are any business owner whether small or big, you must know the significance of labelling and the value of investing in a good labelling machine.

Businesses dealing with bottles should be specific with their labeling and need to have equipment to process the whole procedure smoothly and quickly. We all know China is the go-to place for buying any industry-related equipment or machinery. And the market is full of various options. However, one should have keen knowledge regarding bottle labeling machines in order to get the best product for one business.

Therefore, the below knowledge will help you understand things necessary for consideration before buying a labeling machine. Going through this information will not only help you get the right and efficient product but will also save you time and maybe some bucks as well.

bottles labeling machine

Why need the bottle labeling machine?

In the fast-moving world, labeling manually can affect the efficiency and accuracy of your product. Inaccurate labeling can result in product wastage and can cause costly errors. Thus affecting the main outcome and profit of your business.

  • Reduces human error
  • Increases efficiency
  • Reduces product wastage
  • Reduces time hence increasing production rate

An addition of a labeling machine in your business can serve as a game-changer. Hence, in order to compete effectively in the market you must make your product visually appealing and ensure accuracy with the help of advanced devices eventually minimizing labeling errors and maximizing the production rate.

Whether it’s a juice bottle or a make-up tube, a labeling machine will have you all covered.

bottle labeling machine

Caption: Labeling Machine
picture credits: XYZ Machinery


What to look for in a bottle labeling machine?

With a variety of options available in the market, one may get confused in selecting the right equipment as per your needs and requirements. Hence, if you are a business owner of any bottle-based business then these factors will help you choose the best device especially if you are looking for a labeling machine in China.

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Consider your requirements

Before buying a labeling machine the foremost thing of consideration is your requirements. You should know what you have to look for in the market. With the variable options available the best will be the one that will fit your requirements. Different labeling machines have different accommodating facilities. Such as:

  • Single label type
  • Multiple label types
  • Front and back labels
  • Wrap-around labels
  • Bottle cap labels
  • Top labels

So you should know which kind of label will be suitable for your bottle product or if your product line already has some kind of label then you should look for a machine that will integrate seamlessly with the previous labeling sequence.

At XYZ Machinery you will find a variety of bottle-labeling machines that will fit your requirements and needs such as:

  • Tube labeling machine
  • Stick labeling machine
  • Double-side labeling machine



Having a diverse business and dealing with different materials, the versatility of the labeling machine should be your priority. There could be many different kinds of labels.

For example:

  • Paper labels labeling
  • Self-stick labels labeling
  • Plastic labels labeling
  • Transparent labeling

Thus, if you are dealing with different label types and materials of the bottle then you should invest in one piece of equipment which will assist you as an all-rounder. Versatility of the device will help you with maximum efficiency and less investment.

manual labeling machine (4)

Variability of bottle size and shape

Some labeling machines are only able to cater some specific shapes of the bottles like round bottle labeling machine only specific for round bottles. So before buying any machine consider your bottle shape so that machine can easily accommodate labeling to your desired bottle shape. A labeling machine able to manage variable bottle sizes should be your main preference. Maybe your desired business manufactures multiple-size bottles for its products, therefore, make sure to get a device capable of labeling different sizes so as to minimize your hassle. Switching machines between the labeling process can take up a lot of extra time and also minimizes the final output. Therefore, it is better to look up to something that minimizes effort and maximizes efficiency.

pouch labeling machine (2)

Speed and accuracy of labeling

Out of the many benefits of the labeling machine, one advantage is the reduction of time and precision of the labels. Any business looking for a labeling machine aims to lessen the time consumed in the labeling of a bottle and the accuracy of the labels to lower the rate of product wastage and costly errors.

As the process of manual labeling is prone to errors and can result in slow production ultimately affecting the profitability of the business. Therefore, machine speed and accuracy should be the utmost priority when considering getting a bottle labeling device.


Ease in handling 

Before buying any machine, considering its ease of operation is also essential. Because many machines are available that can take up a lot of your time in adjusting. And you need minimal hassle at the manufacturing site.

The less downtime, the more will be the production. As one is buying for its convenience not for handling technicalities, hence the factor of ease in handling is also a major factor to consider before getting a bottle labeling machine.

At XYZ Machinery, ease of handling is the top priority of the manufacturers. They have designed their technologies to be easily handled by a common person without going deep into the technicalities of the machine. Because user-friendly machines are best to operate and will require less effort to manage and adjust.

Material and adhesive compatibility of the label

As the labels are of different materials, therefore, your machine should be able to handle different label materials that you intend to use for your bottles. The diversity of the machine is a plus point as it will be a long time investment.

Thus, if after some time you intend to change the material of the label just to bring a change to your product, you won’t be thinking much as your labeling machine will be an all-rounder and can handle different materials.

Additionally, the selection of a good adhesive for your labels is also essential. And whether your machine is able to use that adhesive for labels or not is also an important point of consideration.


Labeling machine maintenance

Getting a machine is easy but maintaining a machine is difficult. Ease of maintenance is also one main factor to consider when getting a bottle labeling machine because cleaning and maintenance are mandatory for any device to enhance its durability and smooth function.

Furthermore, a  machine that has accessible parts and is easy to clean is preferable because it will reduce your maintenance time hence minimizing the hassle.

XYZ Machinery uses technology that allows its customers to handle and maintain their machines easily. Although they provide full technical support and warranty certificates, awareness regarding maintenance is mandatory as it will be work for the consumer.

Therefore the engineers here use the latest technologies to help build such machines that are easily manageable by consumers in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

sleeve labeling machine

Technical assistance

Getting a labeling machine with technical assistance is very substantial. Because there may be many technical issues that can arise after the purchase of the machine or maybe you require a lot of time to learn to run the machine operations efficiently in between usage. Hence, a guide and support are mandatory to understand machine functions, learn the machine basics, and have help in hand for future needs.

As always search for dealers that are capable of providing technical assistance at the time of your usage. Technical assistance helps you to rule out some troubleshoots effectively and let the machine work successfully.

XYZ Machinery provides you with full technical support. They love to educate their customers regarding their machinery and provide support for any technical issues occurring even after the purchase.

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Budget and durability 

Spending on a piece of equipment can be hard on your pocket. Set a budget before shopping for a labeler. Prices are according to the features of the machine. And it is you who has to decide as a business owner how much money investment is necessary for your business for this purpose. Looking at the advantages, pros and cons, and your needs and requirements, set a budget for a labeler and then start your hunt. Investment in a labeler is a long-term investment. No one will be able to get a new labeler every other month or year. Therefore search for a device that is durable, has long-term efficiency, and warranty for its parts. Considering these factors can work wonders in the outcome of your investment.


Energy saving feature

Considering energy-saving features as an essential factor because it has a lot to do with the production cost. Because the energy that the bottle labeling machine will consume will automatically be added to the manufacturing cost. Hence looking for energy saving will help you to cut manufacturing hence keeping your product prices minimal leading to more purchases.

Bottle labeling machine

Importance of labeling 

Caption: Labeling Process of Products
Picture credits: XYZ Machinery

Labeling serves as the final touch on the product before it is released in the market. Although it has nothing to do with the manufacturing of the product but, it plays a great role in marketing the product.

People will buy what they think looks appealing and nice – i.e precision in labeling is evident to give your product a final look. Some of the main importance of labeling are:


Labels provide the information about your product to your customers. There are several things that are important to mention on the labels so that the customer can get a complete insight into your product.

For example:

  • Manufacturing date and area
  • Ingredients used in the product
  • The company makes the product and all consumer-based relevant information is given to customers through labels


Customers get their hands on products if they are visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing. A good label can do this work for you. Supplying attractive products in the market increases its chance of recognition among the customers, hence increasing the purchase.


A good label makes your product visually appealing. Automatically attracting customers.

Categorization and differentiation

Labeling helps in the categorization of the product. It makes you different from the others. It becomes a source of differentiation among different products of the same thing.

For example, ketchup is manufactured by many different companies and almost all ketchup looks the same visually, it is the label on the bottles that makes the differentiation between the same products by different companies.


Advantages of buying from China 

China is in a constant race to conquer the fast-developing technologies. With the history of producing multiple user-friendly equipment’s to ease human labor and work, China is a trustworthy source of investing in good quality and business-developing devices. It is one of the largest manufacturers of technology-based devices  and is bringing innovation on a daily basis.

Although there are numerous benefits of getting your labeling machine from China but most common are:

  • They offer customized services to their clients. For example, you can provide your requirements in order to get the desired customized device specifically for your business.
  • It is a big market with relatively a large turnover rate and vast manufacturing facilities hence leading to average prices of the equipment.
  • In a constant process of innovation, you can always get the latest up-to-date model of whatever equipment you are longing for.


Why choose XYZ Machinery for buying bottle labeling machines?

Selecting the right bottle labeling machine from the Chinese market can be very dreadful. But with XYZ Machinery it will not.

Selecting the right one requires consideration of the key factors to minimize your effort and maximize efficiency and eventually the outcome of your business.

XYZ Machinery caters to all your needs and requirements in consideration of the labeling process and will help you get the best bottle labeling machine for your company. They offer easy installation with user-friendly technology catering to multiple labeling types with mass production.

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