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Professional bottle filling machine for various bottle filling. Select a suitable one for you.

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Representative Bottles

Here list some representative bottles in our life:

  • PET bottles: Mainly used for mineral water filling.
  • Jars: Main used for loading different sauces and some cosmetic products.
  • Vial: Small vial is usually used for liquid medical and essential oil filling.
  • Glass bottles: Wine producers will prefer using glass bottles for loading their delicious wine.
  • Cups: As coffee capsules more and more popular, cup-filling machines also is more important.
  • Bucket: The bucket is the main for big volume filling, such as 5L, 10L, and 20L.

Application Of Bottle Filling Machine

Bottled products have always been a relatively high proportion of products in the packaging industry. In our life, some new products such as common beverages and sauces, tend to be packaged in bottles. Compared with bags, bottle products are easier to transport. On the production equipment, the bottle-filling machine is relatively simple to operate and involves less customization.

To Sale Products

Here are some top sales and representative bottles filling products.

pet bottle filling machine

Usage: water filling machine, liquid beverage filling.

Volume: Customized.

Jar filling machine

Usage: cosmetic filling, sauce filling, cream filling.

Volume: Usually 50-100ml.

Vial filling machine

Usage: medical liquid filling, essential oil filling.

Volume: Usually will be 1-10ml.

galss bottle filling machine

Usage: wine filling, milk filling, juice filling, and others

Volume: Customized.

cup filling machine

Usage: coffee capsule, water cup filling, ice cream filling,

Volume: Customized

bucket filling machine

Usage: chemical liquid, liquid fertilizer, and cleaning liquid

Volume: 5L/10L/20L

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Four Factors To Get A Quote

Filling Volume

An exact filling volume or a range.

Filling Speed

You month capacity.

Filling Precision

What filling precision would you like to get?

Bottles Shape

Round, square, height, or short? Which one is the shape of your bottle.

Customized Parts Case-Long Filling Nozzles

For filling liquid, there are some liquids easy foaming. Normal filling nozzles are short and will fill liquid from bottle head to bottom. The long distance will easy foaming So the filling volume is not accurate and easy to waste filling material.

In order to solve this problem, we will customize long-filling nozzles for foaming liquid. During filling, Long filling nozzles will fill into bottles, From the bottom up. Which could reduce foaming by reducing filling distance,

Filling nozzles (1)
Filling nozzles (2)

Customized Parts-Anti Dropped Filling Nozzle

For filling viscosity material, we usually will use special filling nozzles with rotary valves. Otherwise, the filling nozzles will be stocked with tick material.

During viscosity material, there is another special material that includes sugar and easy drop during filling. Such as honey and syrup. Using normal filling nozzles to fill this material, it’s easy to drop on bottles. It has to use anti-drop filling nozzles. There is a small sticker in the inner of the filling nozzles, which could stop extra material drop after filling.

Drawing Of Bottle Filling Machine

Drawing (1)
Drawing (2)

Here are some drawings of the bottle filling machine, please refer to them. For each customer, We will do an exact drawing before quoting, so that all customers could clean and know the machine.

The Factors Affecting Filling Accuracy


The viscosity of some materials will be changed with the change in temperature. Such as for honey, if the temperature is too cold, the fluidity of honey will be bad, which will influence filling precision. For this situation, we could add a heating tank to the machine to keep a suitable temperature for honey. So that the filling volume won’t be influenced by temperature.


Compared with tick liquid, pure liquid has high filling precision. As a liquid, milk, and different liquid beverage, they have good fluidity and could exactly be filled.

For the highly thick paste, please don’t worry, we will customize some filling devices to ensure a good filling precision of the machine.

Filling Speed

The same material, with different filling speeds, will have different filling precision.  But this distance won’t huge. For some expensive materials, we will customize the machine so that it could keep high filling accuracy under high speed.

Navigator Of Bottle Filling Machine

As a navigator of bottle filling machines, we could provide a suitable and economical solution based on our more than 10 years experience with filling machines.

More Model Of Bottle Filling Machine

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