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Alcohol Filling Machine

Please refer to the features of alcohol filling machine:

  • Automation: The alcohol filling machine uses an automatic filling process, which can reduce operation errors and manual intervention, and improve production efficiency.
  • Versatility: This equipment is suitable for filling various types of alcohol-containing and viscous liquids and has a wide range of applications.
  • High Precision: The alcohol filling machine usually uses flow measurement to fill, which can ensure the effect of high-precision filling.
  • Easy to operate: The instrument is easy to operate, maintain, and clean, suitable for different levels of operators.
  • High safety: The alcohol filling machine is equipped with safety devices such as an explosion-proof controller and limit switch, which can ensure the safety of the operator and equipment.

Know More About Alcohol Filling Machine

Introducing our state-of-the-art alcohol-filling machine designed to simplify production processes for wineries, breweries, and other beverage manufacturers. This machine is ideal for filling alcoholic beverages such as wine, spirits, and beer into bottles, cans, or other containers. Our spirits bottling machines meet the highest industry standards and use the latest technology to ensure precision and accuracy with every bottling. With an advanced control system, our machine can fill 1000 bottles per hour with an accuracy of ±0.5%.

One of the key features of our alcohol-filling machine is its flexibility. It can handle bottles of all sizes and shapes, making it ideal for growers with a diverse product line. Our machines are also equipped with a self-cleaning system that reduces the risk of cross-contamination between batches and minimizes downtime. Another advantage of our alcohol-filling machine is its user-friendly interface. The machine is easy to use, with intuitive controls that allow the operator to quickly adjust settings for different products and container sizes. In addition, our machines are easy to maintain, with simple components that can be easily replaced or repaired.

Safety is a top priority in the beverage industry and our alcohol-filling machines are no exception. Our machines are equipped with safety features such as an automatic stop function in case of a malfunction to ensure the safety of operators and products. In addition to numerous features and advantages, our alcohol-filling machines are also economical. Its efficient design and high-speed manufacturing capabilities help minimize production costs and maximize manufacturers’ profits.

All in all, our alcohol filling machines are an excellent investment for beverage manufacturers looking to improve their production processes and increase their profits. With its precision, flexibility, user-friendly interface, safety features, and economy, this machine is a must for any modern brewery, brewery, or beverage manufacturer.

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Technical Data

Suitable filling volume 100-5000ml
Filling speed 30-50 BPM
Filling nozzles 2/4/6/8 heads
Power 3KW
Control system PLC
Filling temperature Normal temperature

Special Features On Alcohol Filling Machine

Self-flow Filling

Self-flow Filling

Self-flow filling machines usually use flow meters for filling to ensure filling accuracy. When using a gravity filling machine, you must select the appropriate flow sensor according to the nature of the liquid and filling requirements, and perform an accurate calibration to ensure measurement accuracy. In addition, the gravity filling machine is often equipped with accessories such as an anti-bubble device, shock absorber, and stop valve to ensure the stability and accuracy of the filling process. In real operation, periodic maintenance and cleaning are also required to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the smooth filling process. Finally, the operator must learn the correct method of operation to ensure that the equipment works properly and that the accuracy and consistency of the filling process achieve the expected results. Through the comprehensive use of the above measures, the filling accuracy of the gravity filling machine can be effectively guaranteed.

Explosion-Proof Design On Alcohol Filling Machine

Explosion-Proof Design On Alcohol Filling Machine

In order to avoid dangerous situations when using alcohol filling machines, some filling machines are equipped with an explosion-proof device to ensure safe operation. These installations often include special electrical, mechanical, and security systems to ensure the stability of equipment operation. In particular, explosion-proof equipment can include explosion-proof electrical circuits, explosion-proof controllers and limit switches, and special materials and explosion-proof construction for the equipment and filling accessories. In addition, appropriate anti-explosion measures should be taken during the filling process, such as the use of explosion-proof electrostatic dischargers, grounding wires, and reliable explosion-proof level control systems. The extensive use of these explosion-proof equipment and anti-explosion measures can effectively protect the alcohol filling machine from explosive and dangerous situations, and ensure operational safety and stability.

Filling Of Highly Alcoholic Beverages

Filling Of Highly Alcoholic Beverages

For liquids with high alcohol concentration and flammable liquids, we have alcohol-filling machines with high explosion-proof grades and are equipped with explosion-proof devices such as explosion-proof controllers and limit switches. We will conduct professional training for the operators of customers’ factories to understand the characteristics of high-alcoholic beverages and related safety regulations.

During the manufacture of the alcohol filling machine, we adopt an explosion-proof filling process. Secondly, we will require customers to use anti-static equipment such as anti-static conductors, grounding wires, and static elimination devices during the filling process to avoid the accumulation of static electricity and sparks. Our machines also feature explosion-proof filling technology, which allows highly alcoholic beverages to be drawn from the container and filled outside the container, avoiding contact and evaporation of flammable liquids.

Machine Detail Parts

Factory Features (3)

  • Machine factory

    Our alcohol-filling machine factories usually have technical research and development teams to constantly pursue technological innovation, research, and development, and to launch new, better products. The factory will actively pay attention to market needs and technology trends, constantly improve production processes and equipment, and improve productivity and product quality to meet the ever-changing needs of customers.

  • Machine factory

    The production of alcohol bottling machines requires a professional technical team that is well-versed in machine manufacturing and automation technologies, and at the same time knows the special requirements of the wine production and packaging process. These groups typically include, among others, mechanical engineers, automation engineers, and chemical engineers.

  • engineer

    Alcohol filling machines are key equipment used in the beverage industry, so manufacturers require strict quality control measures to ensure product reliability and quality. The factory often conducts stringent quality checks and tests to ensure that each filling machine performs to specification and provides reliable after-sales support.


Alcohol Filling Machine Expert In China

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Which point should be careful during using alcohol filling machine?
  • Safe operation: When operating the alcohol filling machine, you must follow safety procedures, wear the required personal protective equipment, and ensure that all equipment and systems are in good working order.
  • Cleaning and hygiene: Before using the alcohol filling machine, it must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to ensure the hygiene and quality of the product. In addition, the machine needs regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure its long-term stable operation and accuracy.
  • Customize Machine Settings: Different types of alcoholic beverages may require different dispensing parameters and settings. When using the alcohol dispenser to dispense different types of alcoholic products, appropriate settings, and adjustments should be made as needed to ensure accurate and consistent dispensing.
  • Checking the filling quantity: During the filling process, the filling quantity must be checked regularly to ensure accuracy and consistency of the filling quantity. If any abnormality or problem is found, it should be adjusted and repaired in time.
  • Quality Control: Every step in the bottling process requires quality control. When using the alcohol filling machine, high-quality alcohol products should be used, and strict quality control should be carried out throughout the filling process to ensure the quality and stability of the final product.
How many measuring method on alcohol filling machine?
  • Weight method: This method uses a load cell to measure the weight of the filler. This method is very precise and accurate to a few decimal places.
  • Flow measurement method: This method uses a flow sensor to measure the volume of liquid flowing through a pipe. This process is ideal for liquid fillers such as wine and other beverages.
  • Volumetric Filling Method: In this method, devices such as metering pumps or gear pumps are used to accurately fill materials according to a preset volume. This method is suitable for fixed-volume containers such as bottles or jars.
  • Liquid level measurement method: This method uses a liquid level sensor to measure the liquid level in a container. This method is suitable for cases where it is necessary to quantify the material according to the liquid level.
What kind of alcoholic products can the wine filling machine bottling?

The alcohol-filling machine can be used to pour different kinds of alcoholic products, such as beer, wine, spirits, whiskey, vodka, and so on. Different types of wine products may require different pouring settings and parameters, so it is necessary to make the right adjustments and settings according to specific needs.

How to adjust the wine filling machine for different wine products?

In order to adapt to different types of wine products, it is necessary to set up and adjust the machine properly before filling it with an alcohol-filling machine. Specific adjustments and adjustments include the replacement of the relevant filling head and tubes; adjusting inflation rate and inflation pressure; Adjusting the dosing method as necessary; Adjust the relevant parameters according to the viscosity and degree of foam of the alcohol product. With the right adjustments and settings, you can ensure the accuracy and consistency of the filling process, as well as the quality of the final product.

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