Capable Bottles Filling Machine
Manufacturer In China
Strong&Professional OEM SERVICE
-XYZ MACVHINERY have a professional engineer team with strong production ability, which ensure each solution is customized and special for you.
Perfect After-Sales System
& Global service point: XYZ is building global service system, which will more convenient to provide service with you.
& 7/24 online service: When you meet any question about machine, Please contact our online engineer,
they could quickly solve your problem and provide any assistance with you.
& Enough Accessories Guarantee: For each order, we will match enough free spare parts.
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The Wide Usage of Our Filling Equipment

At XYZ Machinery, we provide bottle-filling machines for use across a wide range of industries, including chemical, beverage, and liquid food. Our filling machines accurately weigh and fill multiple types of containers, including jars, cans, cartons, bottles, and more. Containers are available in practically all shapes, sizes, and materials. We provide filling equipment for all types of applications. Popular filling lines we provide include the following: ●Detergent Product Containers - Double-sided labeling machines are a popular and effective solution. ●PET Bottles - Our 3-in-1 mineral water filling machines are well-suited for pet bottles. ●Glass Bottles - We can quickly and precisely fill glass bottles, including bottles of essential oils. ●Big Volume Chemical Bucket - We also specialize in big volume chemical bucket filling machines, capping machines, and labeling machines. ●Agriculture ●Chemical powder●Perfume●Clearance liquid. Aside from a huge selection of stock equipment, we also offer custom machines built to specification.
detergent bottles
Detergent Products Containers
For detergent products, we should focus on labeling, usually, a double side bottle labeling machine would be a suitable solution.
pet bottles
PET bottles
PET bottles are famous for mineral water filling, our company 3 in 1 mineral water filling machine is very suitable for working pet bottles.
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Glass Bottles
Glass bottles are widely used for essential oil filling. For the essential filling, the most important are speed and precision. XYZ's essential oil filling machine could perfectly meet these two requirements.
chemical bucket
Big Volume Chemical Bucket
Besides small-volume bottles, XYZ MACHINERY also is special in big volume bucket filling machine, capping machine and labeling machine.
chemical powder
Chemical powder
cleaning liquid
Cleaning liquid

Main Products

Welcome to XYZ Machinery, one of the largest and most highly sought-after filling machine manufacturers in the world. We provide powerful and cost-effective solutions to simplify your production and save you time!
filling machine

Capable of filling different viscosity liquids with a filling volume between 1 to 5,000 ml.

Four wheels capping machine

Fast, versatile machines capable of fastening round screw caps between one and 50 ml

bottlles labelinng machine

Single, double, and three-sided labeling for round and square bottles.


coding machine

Accurate, high-speed coding machines make products and containers clearly identifiable.

sealing machine

Fast-speed machines that can seal pouches, cups, and bags.


packing machine

Granule and liquid packing machines with automatic bag forming, material filling, bag sealing, and cutting.

The Merits as a Filling Manufacturer

We’re one of China’s most trusted, experienced, and capable machine manufacturers. Clients from around the world, and across a huge range of industries, turn to use for stock and custom manufacturing machines. How do we stand out from the competition? Here are four reasons why we’re the best!
xyz filling machine (1)

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what machine is your best option. Simply provide us with details about your company and needs, and our expert team will develop custom recommendations based on your goals and budget.

Not only can we offer expert recommendations on machine types, including custom machines, but our team is also happy to consult with you on how to best utilize the machine within the context of your larger factory operations. We provide full-scale, customized manufacturing information you can trust.

xyz filling machine (1)

We have extensive experience shipping both our stock and custom machines worldwide. You can rest easy knowing that your machine will arrive quickly, securely, and ready to operate. Plus, we’ll keep you informed during every step of the shipping process, so you’re never left guessing.  Our shipping expertise allows us to ascertain the perfect shipping method and transportation tools based on your location and the type of machine being shipped. Additionally, our extensive experience in intercontinental shipping means we’ve developed trusted professional relationships with many prominent worldwide shipping companies.

xyz filling machine (1)

At XYZ Machinery, we understand you need production up and running quickly, which is why we offer some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Starting with your initial consultation, we’ll begin to help you develop the perfect solution for your manufacturing or sales needs. After placing an order, we’re able to ship most stock working machines within one to three working days. Customized machines are typically shipped within ten to 15 working days. With customized machines, we utilize the extra time to ensure their specifications meet your exact needs.

xyz filling machine (1)

Our commitment to your satisfaction extends far beyond the sale. We’re available for any questions you may have about installation, operation, maintenance, and more. Our expert team of online engineers is available 24/7 to answer questions and provide troubleshooting help.
If your machines ever need any repairs or upgrades, we offer free replacement parts on all of our products.  Additionally, due to our multivariate sales model, we’re familiar with the needs of all commercial manufacturing systems. Our after-sales support is further customized based on your specific needs, whether you’re a terminal retail or economy wholesale partner.

Rich Experiences for Different Industries

Leading companies from across a wide assortment of different industries turn to use for their machine manufacturing needs. From consumer goods to industrial needs and everything in between, here are some of the different industries where we have extensive experience. Food Beverage Industry: We provide machines for the production of beverages, powders, and a wide assortment of commercial products for both wholesale and direct retail. Our capping machines are also widely used for all types of bottling. Chemical Cleaning Industry: We manufacture machines capable of safely and efficiently handling a wide range of cleaning products. Double-sided bottle labeling is usually an excellent option for many cleaning products, especially detergents. Medical Industry: Along with a variety of machines that can fill and bottle medicines and related healthcare products, our coding machines help ensure all medical goods are appropriately and accurately labeled. Construction Industry: Many of our machines are widely used in all facets of the construction industry, including our capping, labeling, and filling machines, especially our big volume chemical bucket filling machines. Beauty Industry: Popular machines used in the beauty industry include our jar-filling machines, which work wonderfully with lotions, creams, and other products of varying viscosities. To ensure adherence to hygiene standards, most cosmetics machines have auto-cleaning features. Agricultural Industry: Our machines provide a vast range of uses throughout the agricultural industry, including fertilizers, pesticides, and similar products. Aside from filling, our labeling machines are also widely used in agriculture.
Flexible and convenient transportation system

XYZ MACHINERY filling machine manufacturer has rich experience in equipment transportation. A variety of transportation tools and modes are available for you to choose from. Each shipping company has been cooperating for a long time. We will ensure your products can be delivered safely and perfectly.


How do i choice a right machine?

When you would like to buy a filling machine, please don’t worry about not knowing how to choose. Just tell us your needs, and our sales will recommend the most economical and appropriate solution for you to choose.

Do i need ship sample to you?

For some simple machines, we do not need bottles sample. For some customized machines, if you have finished bottles purchasing, it’s best to ship some real containers to us. Or we could find a similar container in the local market to test the machine.

How long of leading time?

Normal machine: in stock, could be shipping 1-3 working days.

Customized machine: about 10-15 working days.


XYZ MACHINERY sales team is your personal advisor. You could consult any question for the machine, factory, business even life. We will let you exactly know each detail, and won’t have any doubts or concerns after purchasing.

How Do We Control Production Quality?

We closely monitor and control every aspect of the production process, from raw materials to the final polish of the finished machine. First, we create detailed machine drawings. By developing plans for your machine, we can ensure the manufacturing process is efficient, and the final result perfect for your needs. Next, we oversee the raw material harvesting and refinement. This means your machine will be free from imperfections and other potential material issues. The next step is machine assembly. Our expert team of over 20 engineers will carefully assemble your machine in our state-of-the-art facility. After assembly is complete, our team of quality control experts will carefully and thoroughly check every aspect of the finished product, making sure it works to all exact specifications. Once the machine is in perfect working order, we give it a final cleaning and sterilization, so it’s ready to use in accordance with food service and hygienic environments. Finally, we package the machine for shipping. With our extensive experience in international commercial shipping, we’ll pack it to ensure maximum security and shipping efficiency.

We’ll Simplify Your Production and Save You Time

XYZ Machinery is your one-stop shop for all of your filling and manufacturing machines. We provide a full range of stock and custom machines for use across multiple commercial industries, including health care, food and beverage, farming, construction, and more. With fast processing times, excellent post-sale service, and customized recommendations, it’s easy to see why we’re trusted worldwide to help companies increase production and efficiency. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you!
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