Capable Bottles Filling Machine
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-XYZ MACVHINERY have a professional engineer team with strong production ability, which ensure each solution is customized and special for you.
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& Global service point: XYZ is building global service system, which will more convenient to provide service with you.
& 7/24 online service: When you meet any question about machine, Please contact our online engineer,
they could quickly solve your problem and provide any assistance with you.
& Enough Accessories Guarantee: For each order, we will match enough free spare parts.
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Main Container Application

XYZ MACHINERY provides complete filling lines for the chemical, beverage, and liquid food industries. Our machines are engineered to accurately weigh & fill various container types like jars, bottles, cans, trays, cartons, and more. Available in different shapes, sizes and materials.
detergent bottles
Detergent Products Containers
For detergent products, we should focus on labeling, usually, a double side bottle labeling machine would be a suitable solution.
pet bottles
PET bottles
PET bottles are famous for mineral water filling, our company 3 in 1 mineral water filling machine is very suitable for working pet bottles.
Untitled design
Glass Bottles
Glass bottles are widely used for essential oil filling. For the essential filling, the most important are speed and precision. XYZ's essential oil filling machine could perfectly meet these two requirements.
chemical bucket
Big Volume Chemical Bucket
Besides small-volume bottles, XYZ MACHINERY also is special in big volume bucket filling machine, capping machine and labeling machine.

Main Products

As one of the leading filling machine manufacturers in China. XYZ MACHINERY will design, build and supply filling lines and equipment for global clients. Our product range includes filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, packing machine, coding machine, and more.
filling machine

Filling volume: 1-5000ml(Could be customized).

Usage: Be used for filling different viscosity liquids.

Feature: PLC& TOUCH SCREE operated.

Four wheels capping machine

Suitable capping caps: 1-50mm(Could be customized)

Usage: Be used for fastening round screw caps.

Feature: Fast speed, wide usage.

bottlles labelinng machine

Suitable bottles: Round bottles, and square bottles

Usage: Single-side labeling, double-side labeling, and three-side labeling.

Feature: High speed and flexibility.

coding machine

Suitable bottles: All type

Usage: Printing series number or date on bottles

Feature: High printing accurate with an economy price

sealing machine

Suitable Goods: Pouches, cups, and bags

Usage: Be used for sealing pouches and bags

Feature: Fast speed with various working range

packing machine

Suitable: Granule powder and liquid packing

Usage: milk, soft drinking, mineral water filling

Feature: Automatic bag forming, material filling, bags sealing and cutting

Multivariate Sales Model

As a professional and big factory, our company has different sales models. We directly sale products to each boss and factory, and also do welcome all traders to become as our agents in your country.

For each boss and factory, we will deliver perfect and high-quality products. Hope our products could help you produce high-quality products, and hope our machine could help you get a bigger market.


We have rich experience in cooperating with the trader and do would like to cooperate with a professional machinery trader. We could provide price and after-sales support for each business and customer.

What Could Our Machines Do

Our machines play an important role in different industries. For example, food industry, chemical industry, medical treatment, construction, agriculture, medical and other related industries.
Flexible and convenient transportation system

XYZ MACHINERY filling machine manufacturer has rich experience in equipment transportation. A variety of transportation tools and modes are available for you to choose from. Each shipping company has been cooperating for a long time. We will ensure your products can be delivered safely and perfectly.


How do i choice a right machine?

When you would like to buy a filling machine, please don’t worry about not knowing how to choose. Just tell us your needs, and our sales will recommend the most economical and appropriate solution for you to choose.

Do i need ship sample to you?

For some simple machines, we do not need bottles sample. For some customized machines, if you have finished bottles purchasing, it’s best to ship some real containers to us. Or we could find a similar container in the local market to test the machine.

How long of leading time?

Normal machine: in stock, could be shipping 1-3 working days.

Customized machine: about 10-15 working days.


XYZ MACHINERY sales team is your personal advisor. You could consult any question for the machine, factory, business even life. We will let you exactly know each detail, and won’t have any doubts or concerns after purchasing.

How machines are produced

XYZ machinery has a complete production system. From raw material to final machine, each progress is controlled by us, which ensures each machine has high quality.

Let's Start Now!

Please share any questions about the machine and your requirements with us, we will contact you as soon as possible.
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